The Next Step with Fr. Vazken

The Next Step with Fr. Vazken

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Protest Nearby
August 21, 2020

Next Step #637: Attorneys Greg Kirakosian and Joseph Kazazian discuss civil rights, protest, Christian/human responsibility, vigilance and the call to justice. An important conversation that started in the face of injustice against Armenians and continues

Stiff Neck Bible Phenomena
August 14, 2020

Next Step #636: Politics and politicians describe an economy which delivers money by which consumers can buy goods and services, including Bibles. The inter-connectivity of just about everything. Finding Truth beyond the facts and accounting for time

Old Film
August 07, 2020

Next Step #635: 75 years after the Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, almost to the date, an explosion in Beirut leaves scores dead, thousands injured and a quarter-million homeless. Fr. Vazken shares and confesses that the difference between the

And now an Example
July 30, 2020

Next Step #634: Remembering Congressman John Lewis, disciple of Martin Luther King Jr. and a disciple of Jesus Christ. Non-violent resistance and the lever of love. Invoking St. James’ challenge: Obama eulogizes Lewis. Dealing with difficult people,

Emptiness under the Sun
July 24, 2020

Next Step #633: Ecclesiastes shares a message of emptiness while missing the “novelty” of Christ. Finding strength by connecting to the Light from Beginning. Demonstration: Armenian heard on another planet? “Armenopoly” reviewed: fun, learn and enjoy

Hitting the Mark but Missing the Point
July 17, 2020

Next Step #632: At Vartavar the story of the Transfiguration is washed up. Put into perspective, there is an opportunity for Peace for the world, but we miss the point and therefore we lose that opportunity. Fr. Vazken takes you on this journey with

Motherhood & Apple Pie in July
July 10, 2020

Next Step #631: If the blind can find their sight, the bereaved can find their dead. Themes of freedom and independence are in focus for this audio blog. The Art of Connecting the Dots. Exploring the 4th dimension even further – where are dead in Chr

The Forgotten 4th Dimension
July 03, 2020

Next Step #630: The Church in 2020 exists in a unique space and time, we’ve forgotten the basic reality of our physical universe. History and truth: changes in both? Here’s a candid look at changes that threaten and true Changes that insure growth. C

When Truth Isn't Silly
June 26, 2020

Next Step #629: Truth is being challenged, history is up for debate and the silliness is in the eye of the beholder. From Korea, to BLM, to credible news, to the schism in the Church (Armenian and Universal). Fr. Vazken moves the discussion from sill

Box Cars
June 18, 2020

Next Step #628: Twelve years to the date of our first WEEKLY podcast: Recommitting to the ministry that brought us here. Cautions against the new fanaticism in the guise of religion – justifying hatred in the name of God. Warning: May induce vomiting