The Next Step with Fr. Vazken

The Next Step with Fr. Vazken

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October 30, 2020

Next Step #647: Diversions that lead to devastation are once again popping up as the war in Artsakh enters into its second month of life. Peter and Paul lead into the tragic death of two deacons martyred in Artsakh. You’ve got information, where’s th

Spirit Body Warfare
October 23, 2020

Next Step #646: Spirit and body working in concert and living in harmony. Fasting: a tool for war. Spiritual awareness through fasting on this, the fourth week of the Artsakh war. The mystery of the missing fasting word – Mark 9:29.Monalisa TwinsTork

Ink Knew Tune
October 16, 2020

Next Step #645: Identity in crisis during a crisis: How to cope with the horrors of war and move from hopelessness to hopefulness. Tackling the big questions of purpose by finding definition in work and identity. At the foot of the bed: cancer patien

Back Door to Genocide
October 08, 2020

Next Step #644: “In the Shadows” is arriving at a higher consciousness about responsibility in the face of evil. Overcoming the evil and with the The Blood of the Sacrament and the martyrs: A short meditation in front of the altar. Insult by Kurt Von

Zero to power of 10
October 02, 2020

Next Step #643: War in Artsakh: News we hope would never happen but deep down knew it would. Azerbaijan: A case for systemic racism. Attack while the world is asleep: 1915 and today, taking advantage of the moment. What does it mean to have faith? To

Belief Touched and Untouched
September 24, 2020

Next Step #642: Eschatological parameters, manipulating the stories and testing religious myth against the backdrop of world events. A quick look at that reality through the last six decades and how the Good Samaritan got lost along with globalizatio

Human Rights: Jesus and today's response
September 17, 2020

Next Step #641: Was Jesus concerned with human rights? Armodoxy for the day: Fr. Vazken challenges the listener to move from a future faith to a terrestrial one. A quick look at theologians – traditional and liberal, eastern and western and their mis

Gender Revealing Revelation
September 10, 2020

Next Step #640: With the backdrop of the California wildfires and apocalyptic forecasts, Fr. Vazken gives a 2020 interpretation to the reality with a wake-up call to responsibility. Hear what the mysterious “Spyglass Lady” had to say to us today. A g

Good-heart Bible
September 04, 2020

Next Step #639: Does over analysis and applying reason to the Bible lead you away from Faith? It’s the starting question for this discussion, recognizing there are no wrong questions. Mark 4:35f and hardness of heart: doubt vs. experience. Reconcilin

Plastic: Molding Faith
August 27, 2020

Next Step #638: As the political atmosphere heats up with elections two months away, religion, particularly Christianity, comes into question as politicians justify actions and policy with a wide variety of departures on theology. Fr. Vazken offers a prim