The Next Step with Fr. Vazken

The Next Step with Fr. Vazken

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Presumption of Coincidence
October 11, 2019

Next Step #592: From Nebraska to Sasnashen the path and trail of a blessing. Optimism vs leadership: Vazken I and clergy greats of the 20th century. Noah, Hayk and his granddaughter. McCarthyism and the Presumption of Innocence. Opportunity missed: Aurora

Good Fish
October 04, 2019

Next Step #591: Returning from Armenia, the opening of the Sasnashen Youth Center, visits to the sacred and the meaning behind them. Forgiveness in action – hugging the perpetrators of the crime. A new and healthier definition for fanaticism connected to

Revisit Interstellar Peace
September 26, 2019

Next Step #590: Revisiting Interstellar Jesus from Episode #335 in 2014.  Rising with Orwell beyond “stale language,” Fr. Vazken uses the metaphors of the “superweird” regarding black holes to challenge a new vocabulary for love, forgivenes

Listening to Unprocessed Thoughts
September 19, 2019

Next Step #589: Revisiting “Unprocessed Thoughts” from Episode #331 in 2014. A flow of ideas from Yerevan, Armenia. In a whirlwind trip to Armenia, Fr. Vazken comes with some candid thoughts on the road to development. #Lunareclipse #Sacredspace #The

Hysteria and Exaltation
September 13, 2019

Next Step #588: Hysteria takes many forms. From the Beatles (Beatlemania) to expressions today in the self-professed prophets of Christianity, the excitement focuses on the messenger rather than the message. Dangers of Bible study without structure.

Celebrating the Drummer
September 06, 2019

Next Step #587: Celebrating the individuals who walk to the beat of Thoreau’s drummer. Not waiting until death to appreciate the beauty people offer our world. Packaging religion and hatred: more than a word of caution, a challenge to reject. Toleran

Children & God
August 30, 2019

Next Step #586: Do children need God? Keeping God close and in focus; Finding God not so much without as much as within, especially in the heart. Jesus’ invitation to accept the Kingdom as children; so who’s leading who? Fr. Vazken is challenged and

Name & Legacy
August 23, 2019

Next Step #585: The legacy of Catholicos Vazken I – what do we take away from him 25 years after his death. His name, a special calling and expression of the Holy Spirit. One Vazken to the next in this edition. An angel named Alyssa visits and makes

Assumption 2019
August 16, 2019

Next Step #584: Assumption Feast, Woodstock at 50 and the passing of the Venerable Catholicos Vazken I, 25 years later – connecting these dots. Epidemic of shootings, fear in the air and when religion should stay quiet rather than syncing life with a

Retreat from Apologies
August 09, 2019

Next Step #583: The promise for Peace in the aftermath of Dayton and El Paso, possible? Placing apologetics to the side as Fr Vazken takes the Armodox approach to faith and understanding: The audacity to proclaim Peace. Escapism via drugs, alcohol, m