New Money Review podcast

New Money Review podcast

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The money wires
September 21, 2020

How the infrastructure of money determines power and politics

The great bitcoin experiment
August 19, 2020

The world's leading cryptocurrency is a live, ongoing experiment in game theory

The message is the money
August 04, 2020

A social media message and a payment will soon become the same thing

Breaking the grip of the platforms
July 07, 2020

A new European data market will help break tech giants' control over our money and information

Rise of the platforms
June 23, 2020

Why internet companies seek to monitor our financial activity as we’re using their websites and apps

Pandemics can reshape economies
June 16, 2020

How the Black Death overturned business, politics and society

We have to decentralise finance
June 09, 2020

It's time to reverse the major trend seen since the 2008 crisis

Bitcoin’s strange feedback loop
May 27, 2020

The weird price dynamics of the leading cryptocurrency

We will make our own money
May 20, 2020

The way governments regulate money should reflect the reality of the sharing economy

Supply lines
May 01, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic's impact on global trade, development and globalisation