A New Direction

A New Direction

How to Make Remote Work Really Work for You

May 24, 2023
Making Remote Work Really Work In the Workplace

Tamara Sanderson - Remote Works - How To Make Remote Work Really Work for You - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoRemote work is here to stay. More and more employees have a desire to WFH (Work From Home) since the pandemic practically forced employers to at the very least have had to adopt at the very least hybrid remote work conditions. Still, many employers have struggled with the idea of remote work and was more some have difficulty in making remote work…work.

The biggest issue for many employers is how do you manage remote work employees. Questions like, “how do I ensure they are getting the work done?”, or “how do I create team chemistry?” and “how do I build trust with remote work employees?” are all legitimate questions.

Well, in this episode of A New Direction co-author and co-founder of Remote Works Tamara Sanderson joins us to dispel many of the myths and help you create the environment that will help your remote work employees thrive and keep you profitable. It’s going to be a powerfully insightful show no matter where you watch us…remotely.

Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus: 9781523003310: Greene, Ali, Sanderson, Tamara, Mullenweg, Matt: Books - Amazon.comTam Sanderson & Ali Greene‘s Book “Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus” is absolutely one of the most powerful insightful books on how to truly manage and be successful in a remote work environment.

The book is filled with “how to’s”, “Exercises”, and suggestions that you can use right now to build a more powerful and connected remote work force.  The book is also examines the psychology of remote work and how you as a leader can overcome some of the challenges and dismiss he myths.  This is one you will not only want to read, but have your entire remote team read as well.

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