In Search of the New Compassionate Male

In Search of the New Compassionate Male

EP106: Connie and Andrew (Part 1) Accessing the Trust Frequency

March 12, 2022

Connie Baxter Marlow & Andrew Cameron Bailey are original thinkers, writers, photographers, filmmakers, futurists, climate “solutionaries” and inspirational public speakers. Their explorations into the essence of Reality have led to a unique articulation of the conscious, loving, abundant nature of the Universe. In their book The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm. Connie and Andrew present a system of cosmological axioms, informed by indigenous cosmology, quantum science and Eastern and Western mysticism, which resolve key paradoxes that have kept humanity from walking in balance with Universal Law and with an open heart. They offer straightforward, practical tools for accessing The Trust Frequency, an alternative reality where the soul’s destiny awaits, the laws are expanded, and there is more balance, beauty, joy and abundance than we can fathom.

They apply The Trust Frequency paradigm to the evolutionary aspect of relationships in their online course The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution

Their documentary film IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE: What do the Wise Ones Know? is a companion piece to The Trust Frequency book and features visionary indigenous elders, Western scientists and futurists.

They have presented their work at IONS, SAND, COSM, ISSSEEM, Unity Village Chapel, New Dimensions Radio, Eagle Quetzal Condor Global Convergence, Consciousness of Immortality Conference, The Thoreau Society, Parliament of the World’s Religions, World Unity Week 2020/2021 and numerous other venues.




Connie  00:07

And Henry David Thoreau says in his conclusion to Walden when one walks competently in the direction of his dreams, you will pass a certain boundary. He will experience a success unexpected in common hours. The laws that apply to him will be expanded, or new laws will be made in his favor, and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings. This is a key quote for understanding it’s a different ballgame. There’s new laws

Clay  00:43

Welcome to In Search of the new compassionate male. My name is Clay Boykin, I support this podcast through my coaching practice. I help people visualize and harmonize find direction and meaning or simply get unstuck. Contact me at Clay Boykin calm for a free consultation. Now here’s the latest episode of In Search of the new compassionate male.

Dennis  01:08

Hello World. It’s me Dennis and we are in search of the new compassionate male. I’m the co host of this particular podcast and I’m here with the founder of insert to the new compassionate male clay Boykin Hi Clay.

Clay  01:22

Hi, Dennis. This is a very special day. Today we have Connie Baxter Marlowe, and Andrew Cameron Bailey with us. And oh, right, yes, they have a wonderful background, we’re going to talk overarching conversation is going to be on the trust frequency. And I’ve always wondered, Is it possible to change our mind? You know, is it possible to think differently, and I think we’re going to speak about some of that today. So welcome, Connie, and welcome, Andrew.

Dennis  01:55

Oh, so glad to have you all here. You know, I, one of the things when I began my my study of quantum physics, and from an amateur level, but I began to be curious about quantum consciousness about what that might be like, because what we what I would, what I pay attention to grows and how that works, and how that might relate. And then when I heard one of your YouTubes, and when I heard you talking about that, I was very excited about how this might work. Because we all exhibit a free of field, a frequency, and then how that works together. So it’s, it’s exciting for me to be able to, to hear from you and hear from what your research and your studies and your practicality has been. Well, it’s great to be here. We’re thrilled to be talking about the trust frequency, and our book, the trust frequency 10 assumptions for a new paradigm. Yeah, talk about changing your mind, change your assumptions, and the world changes with you. I was gonna say that.

Andrew  03:07

Exactly. So you guys are so much speaking our language in so many ways that I’m expecting you to say things. And you do but they’re subtly different, such as, when Connie and I got together in 2003, one of the first things we did was we went to Africa, and got together with the Bushmen of the Kalahari, those amazing little people from that film, The Gods Must Be Crazy. Oh, gosh, and made this movie and the title of the movie is in search of the future. What do the wise one wise ones No, but in search of a search of something, so you can search as a compassionate male in search of the future. It has been said that humanity is about to undergo a major transformation, a major paradigm shift or a quantum leap in consciousness. And looking around and reading the news, I think that’s a very good idea. And so our technique for seeking the future was to go to the world’s oldest people, and sit down with the oldest members of those communities. And ask him these questions. We didn’t even have language in common. And it’s a beautiful film in search of the future.

Connie  04:21

And we come in contact with so many visionary elders prior to that, that we went to our friends, because I saw through the visionary elders who came into my life when I was seeking the missing pieces of the paradigm, because I felt that our paradigm was out of balance that it had holes in it. It couldn’t explain paranormal, it couldn’t explain things. I’m like, I’m not basing my life on a paradigm that can explain things. So I went in seeking the missing pieces. And what happened was, I went to Europe looking for them and all I saw was the same kind of thinking and then visionary elders. started coming into my life Native American elders. And I saw through them an expanded paradigm, a conscious loving universe. So this film came out of that. And Andrew had spent extensive time with elders and various Native people, and especially the Bushmen.

Andrew  05:18

I think you have to if you’re going to go in search of human consciousness, you need to do the best you can to find the wise ones, as we call them, capital W, capital, wise ones who otherwise ones, where do you find them? And what do they say, and, and listen, and listen, and listen, and put it to practice in your personal life,

Clay  05:42

Heading out with the In Search of the such powerful way to go about it. For us, it’s been, for me, when that came up was, you know, I’m not the expert, I’m not going to go out there and tell everybody who the compassionate male is. I’m in search of. And it’s so much the same for you. It’s, it’s a seeking, and it’s inviting for people to come in. And, and to join you in that search. So that’s wonderful.

Dennis  06:10

And it’s a searching without, and within, yes, has to be both. It has to be bi directional, omnidirectional. Or I’m missing things. And that’s what I love about because that’s what I love about the your practice. And especially being out I’m 74. So I’m getting a chance to, to experience the elderhood experience this this time in my life and to learn that, boy, that sales pitch about aging is all wrong. I am having the time of my life. I’m learning more. I’m growing more. I’m more excited. I’m making more mistakes. I’m growing, I’m looking at I get to be here today with you.

Andrew  06:56

And don’t tell clay but Life begins at 70.

Dennis  07:01

He’s got he’s hanging in there, he’s just come on and listen to your elders.

Clay  07:08

Well, I just celebrated my 68th birthday, for the record.

Andrew  07:14

And he’s getting it was my 78th. And it was funny 75th

Dennis  07:19

Congratulations. Now you had when when we’re talking about the elder because there’s so much about what I’ve learned about about science and in, in, like, I look back, and when I read the Bible, and I look at the miracles, and it looks to me like he’s using that Jesus is using quantum principles. He’s using the principles of entanglement. And he’s using that. And so much of what we’re talking about with the elders is that we’re actually remembering, rather than discovering a new,

Connie  07:54

I would say Jesus was a Wayshower, into this frequency that we call the trust frequency, when our 10 assumptions for new paradigm bring people a construct on the nature of the universe, that takes us beyond duality. Okay, it’s a huge leap, to get your vibration level up to that level, beyond right and wrong, good and evil, that there’s only love. And what we say is we just don’t understand the nature of that love, which is unconditional. Which means it gives us everything we ask for. And then what are our requests? Well, our requests are our vibration. And we say it’s our consciousness, and we have seven aspects of our consciousness that determine our frequency and vibration, and thereby our reality. So that’s what we’re bringing to the table.

Clay  08:52

That’s wonderful. I got a question. Because when I hear the the title of the book, the trust frequency, when I think of trust, I think of my trust and another person. But you’re, you’re you’re using trust in a much bigger way. Can you talk about that?

Andrew  09:11

Let me put it in four words, trust the loving universe. Okay, go there. It’s big. It’s big as it gets. Because there’s only love in this construct that we’re bringing forth.

Connie  09:26

This unconditional loving nature of the universe that loves us so much. It gives us everything we asked for. But what are our requests and what was our overarching act of free will. When we incarnated that gave the loving universe permission to take us on our journey to wholeness to put us through hell so put us on our journey to wholeness which is our journey to self love and self acceptance and alignment with our divinity. And our purpose. So it’s it’s huge. And this is the basis of our course, we have an online course called The dance of souls, that that applies these principles to our relationships. Because then we become the beneficiary as opposed to the victim, we get out of victim consciousness, we realize that we gave an overarching act of free will to go on this journey.

Dennis  10:28

When when you set out to design a course, can you take us back to when it was just the germ of an idea when you were sitting together and saying, you know, we need to this might be make a course and how you went about this process of creation in the evolution into what it is today?

Andrew  10:48

So very personal unconscious part. Yeah. Your relationship with your daughters? Yeah.

Connie  10:53

No, my daughter’s my father, my husband, my life journey. I saw that because the trust frequency I live in that place. So that this construct is my reality of absolute. Lee. Okay. No doubt, I have no doubt. Okay. So I mean, that’s the Achilles heel to getting to this frequency. So I saw through three generations of behaviors, that there was a pattern in my life, not me blaming them. But I had work to do. And that’s what this course is about. It’s about going inside and seeing the work we have to do to come to self love to accept those parts of ourselves. We don’t love Yeah. So I that this course just came about like, Okay, we don’t want to do a trust whole big trust frequency course. So let’s do this little course, this applied applied trust frequency, to actually put it into effect.

Andrew  12:02

Eyes, I observed this evolve in its present form, through you darling, with observing your daughter’s and that often tough relationship that they had. And then you wrote something about to each of them to say, look, look what’s going on here. See, that’s it your souls? It’s the dance of souls. That’s the way I remember it. Yeah, absolutely.

Connie  12:29

And, and, and I have been in our dance of souls, big time. I mean, we’re in their 70s. And we’ve both been very conscious for decades, and we’ve worked all the stuff out without previous partners. Those good folks we call our spice, which is a rule of spouse. Nice. And we thought we had the baggage fee.

Andrew  12:55


Dennis  12:59

I love that.

Dennis  13:03

What I love about what I love about relationship is relationships teach me so much about me.

Andrew  13:11

That was the purpose perhaps. Absolutely. And that’s with a capital A,

Dennis  13:16

I love your concept of the universe, because I also find out that the universe, one of my teachers told me, he said the universe has only one answer to every question. And that’s yes. I’m small. I did everything so hard. I took a ticket. Yes. Oh, beautified? Anything, anything at acid, it’s loves me so much. It will give me whatever I asked. So then I have to, so it becomes it takes me out of my victimhood and says, I must ask a better question.

Connie  13:52

Wow. Well, there you are. Because if we’re asking the question, Am I a complete moron? What’s the answer? Yes.

Connie  14:01

Yes, because people will come into your life to show you what a moron you are. So think about your question because your soul actually magnetizes the behavior of others, actually creates the other behaving the others, so that we can see those moron parts that we feel are morons will actually even flip something they say, to take it in as them calling us a moron. It is. It is amazing, because I go ahead, Clay.

Clay  14:28

Okay. So I want to I want to try something here. So you’re talking about the universe saying yes. And in our present life in our relationships. And you said something earlier that triggered in me, generational healing, I think that’s what you were referring to. And so, like, right now, there’s four of us. All the generations behind us, are sitting with us, and are speaking through us. And so that generational healing is One part of it, and then being able to show up with a knowing that the truth is, is that the universe loves us. And that’s how we show up with one another. There’s two, two big things we got to do there. Well, not only the universe loves us, but we are magnificent aspects of the Divine.

Connie  15:24

And daily by the door, here I am, all of me, not just the parts that I think you want to see, because then I’m a good girl, and I’m smart, and I get along, etc. But all the while underneath, I’m saying, Oh, she’s stupid. And she’s, you know, this is fake and everything we get, we have bring the whole of us that’s what our course is for is to bring people into loving all of themselves understanding that we came on this journey, and getting out of victim, right, and beneficiary. And beloved,

Clay  16:03

and would it be true to say that, when you when you talk about victim, my mind went to fear

Andrew  16:12

You go. So fear is actually the opposite of trust. And they can really live in the same room. If you’re in trust, the fear goes away. And if you’re in fear, the trust goes away, we’ll see you might as well make a choice of, you know, in the direction of trust, right.

Dennis  16:30

And one of the things I want to ask you about because I want to go back to this word doubt that you were talking about because I have I am because I am I, I don’t like being this way, but I am at times a binary thinker that I can think of okay, what what is how can I be doubt less? And and so what I tried to think of it, and it would this work on a continuum, that that it is either full trust or doubt, but I can be somewhere on the continuum that I can move toward trust. Can you help me with that?

Connie  17:13

Well, change your assumptions, please help the world change radically. That’s exactly what I’m asking you to do. So our construct and we’re just saying this as a construct on the nature of the universe, we’re not saying it’s absolutely true, we’re saying take it as absolutely true, and see what happens, just see what happens. And then your mind can align with your heart. And you can act from that place. Because you have one has a construct on the nature of the universe that goes beyond duality. And it’s a practice. So along that, thank you. That’s it. So this is when in the recovery movement, when they talk about act as if this, this is this as

Clay  18:03

well, and in what I’ve come to realize is how much of my life I spent disaster planning. You know, well, what if this doesn’t work? What if this doesn’t happen? Anticipating failure? So I’m bringing failure

Andrew  18:19

you’re creating, because our minds are unbelievably powerful? And if we put our attention on failure, guess what? Right? Yes, we’re not gonna make it.

Connie  18:29

And Andrew raised his kids. He taught them don’t have a fallback position,

Connie  18:34

Or you going to fall back? So what is it you want to do? Oh, you want to be a rock star? You want to make your living doing your music do that? Same and people will say no, no, but get a degree in accounting, just in case that doesn’t work out? Nope.

Clay  18:52

Right. Well, and and to add to that, you know, I found that I wasn’t prepared for success, because I was planning for failure.

Andrew  19:03

You put your focus on failure, right? And what if, and all of those fear based connotations that we indulge in, and the more time and energy we put dead on more powerful Cisely than that. So it’s really about what we believe it’s about our worldview. It’s about our fundamental assumptions, those aspects of reality that we have no doubts of back to the doubt word. And assumption is something that we believe to be true without question. They say if my fundamental assumption is I’m not good enough, because my dad’s smack me when I was three years old, and I had my hand on the cookie jar. And he said, You’re a little shit. I guess I can say that. I’m absolutely right. And I put that deep in my soul. And now I am 60 years old, and I’m still behaving from that wound that I received back then because I have this really deep, hidden subterranean assumption that I’m not good enough. I’m a little ship. Yep. Connie asked my mom, my beloved beautiful mom and my mom was about 90. In South Africa. She said, What was Andrew like, as a little boy? What did she say? He was a little devil. And can you imagine that my parents abstained from telling me that. So I was programmed as a little boy, when I was a little devil, that means bad, I think. I mean, sure, you could, you could make a career of that.

Connie  20:41

But that was his course. And this understanding he has he incarnated to those parents is so as to his parents to say that he took on that wound, because he came in feeling like a little devil, he wasn’t good enough. So he had to. It’s a whole lifetime process of freewill, and a conscious loving universe, taking us on this journey to wholeness and self love and self acceptance,

Andrew  21:10

Which is what your course is all about. Yeah, yeah. And the cross is very specifically about relationships. So this relationship here a marriage, yes, man woman relationship is one of the types of relationships that we as humans, we all have either relationship with myself, Yes, ultimately, only one relationship. And that’s my relationship with the universe. Except there’s no such thing. There’s no separation, that implies that I am separate from the universe, actually, the only relationship there is, is the relationship of the universe with itself. And each of its countless manifestations of which we are each one. But this one is specifically to do with human relationships, whether it’s a partner, a lover, a child, a parent, a boss, universe, circumstance, but the universe is taking it to that to that highest level, the course is very practical. It’s very grounding or grounded. I would say that it’s extremely useful to anybody in the psychotherapeutic or counseling world, marriage counseling, just to take an example

Dennis  22:21

On either side of it right on either whether you are whether you are you are a therapist, or whether or not you are you are a someone who is seeking counseling. Well think of think of a therapist who has this in his or her toolbox. He has a technique. Hey, Fred, Hey, Sally, look at you. You’re yelling at each other. You used to be madly in love with each other. And now you’re thinking about getting a divorce? What’s going on? And what if Sally is riff holding up a mirror to you, Fred? And, Sally, what if Fred’s holding up a mirror to you and you were attracted to each other for this very specific work? It’s not easy. It’s off. Sometimes it’s not fun. But it’s the work we came here to do, to know, to grow spiritually, to grow emotionally, to develop things like emotional intelligence, and to get real and real. By the time we’re real, we’ve lost a judgment about what’s bad, what’s good. What’s, you know, it’s like the Rumi quote, will not feel beyond right doing and wrong. Going to the point where everything that happens in my life, Clay, you walk in my front door, and you start cursing me out. And my immediate thought is, I’m going to start cursing right back at you. What if I could actually be wise enough to say, thank you, man. By the way, did you know how handsome you are? I just I just saw your beauty for the first time. And I saw it. You had this like angry look on your face. But I think practicing gratitude and I’m actually getting a little better at it. And I can you can you really challenged me and thank you, man. I didn’t know I had to go there.

Clay  24:08

And that’s your ability to show up wholehearted?

Connie  24:12

No hard dog. Not on easy.

Andrew  24:18

Working this one, because the trigger is a trigger is our son that it’s our work to do. So the trigger is huge. So in that instance, he didn’t trigger into reaction. He just went Oh, hey, Clay, you’re looking great today. How are you welcome. You know, instead of triggering into defense and triggering into making you bad and wrong, you know, that whole dance

Clay  24:46

and what you’re talking about is being able to separate a fraction of a millisecond of the body fight or flight response. And actually come at it at a higher consciousness level,

Andrew  25:03

from a higher from a higher frequency, higher frequency, right. So we have the ability to operate, anywhere, there’s a sliding scale all the way from infinitely high to infinitely low, we can be in our darkest hell of our choice, we have that freedom, we actually have the absolute freedom to be as miserable as we can imagine, we have that freedom, and to be as joyful as we can imagine. And it’s a practice to, when I’m not functioning the way I’d like to when I’m not putting out into the world of beauty and the love that’s in my heart that’s hiding here, because I’m afraid to do so maybe I was rejected at some point, and then through practice through, so there’s a certain amount of sort of intellectual understanding, that’s helpful. That’s where our book is useful. These 10 assumptions for a new paradigm, we just flipped 10, there was something called the 10 commandments. And he said, Well, how about the 10? Assumptions? Perfect. Like, I asked this question. When was the last time somebody walked up to you on the street a stranger and said, Excuse me? What are your 10? most fundamental beliefs? We don’t do that in this culture. We don’t do that. Do we? As as I can’t? I don’t know a culture that does. I don’t think that Tibetan Buddhists do that. I don’t know. So what if we could identify 10? Assumptions, current assumptions that are pretty foundational to most people in most cultures, and then flip them on the other side? I’m a science guy. So I was raised to believe that the universe is this big mechanical clockwork machine. It doesn’t even know I exist. What’s the total opposite of that? conscious, loving universe? Which totally, I’m, I’m not just it doesn’t just love me, because that implies separation. I am it. It’s me. I am a manifestation of the universe. And therefore I am that love and I am so loved. It’s almost like being in the womb of my mother. Life. I’m so protected. I’m so supportive. I’m so loved. How different is that from thinking of the universe as a mechanical thing that doesn’t exist?

Clay  27:25

Mm. You know, you know, yeah, it is now. Can you? Can you give us an idea of like, what, what one of these assumptions is give us a peek inside here.

Andrew  27:38

We could run down the whole town without too much trouble.

Connie  27:42

Well, we’ve spoken of, there’s only love. That’s assumption number one. We live in a conscious loving universe, there is only love.

Andrew  27:52

On a quantum level. It’s consistent tirely of love. So we’re not talking about holding hands here. We’re talking about the primordial energy, that creative energy that has resulted in this glorious universe that we’re about to energy, his love for the oil. Exactly. There’s nothing else there is nothing else at all.

Connie  28:14

I will say that but what about the stuff that we see as not love? See, we resolve that paradigm. So next one, but go on go on, Dennis.

Dennis  28:22

No, I want you to go on.

Connie  28:27

So the second assumption is the universe loves us unconditionally. It gives us everything we asked for. And then the third assumption is we create reality by the power of our consciousness. And then the fourth assumption is the seven aspects of our consciousness that begin with a that are our requests to the conscious loving universe, they create our vibration. Okay, so what are the seven aspects of our consciousness? Awareness? Uh, huh. Assumptions, assumptions, attention, attitude, attitude, alignment, action, and allow allowing, stepping back and trusting the universe that God got our back. So I can say those seven aspects in one sentence.

Clay  29:24

Please do, please.

Andrew  29:26

There’s the first four assumptions and the fourth one is more of a, an invitation to understand consciousness by breaking it down into these seven attributes or aspects starting with you go to the dictionary, the only one in the dictionary is the word awareness. Here’s a sentence.

Connie  29:45

Okay, so the sentence that has all seven aspects of our consciousness that create our vibrational level and thereby our frequency and thereby our reality is this. With expanded awareness and accurate assumptions, we choose our attitude. Consciously direct our attention, align with our highest inner promptings take committed action and allow the loving universe to manifest beyond our wildest dreams.

Clay  30:40

That’s beautiful.

Andrew  30:42

So this is like a toolkit that you can sort of say, okay, awareness. Yeah, that’s an active. Am I awake? If I’m fast asleep, or I’m drugged out, I’m not aware? And what do we allow into our awareness? And then where am I putting my attention? And what am I assumptions on the subjects of where I’m putting my attention? If I’m watching the news, and my assumption is that we’re all screwed. You know, we’re probably in trouble. If I know that something is going on, that’s on a higher level that there’s only love therefore, these scary things we see on the TV, for example, somehow have to be part of the unfolding of the conscious loving universe. That’s not always easy to, to remember. But yeah, once we remember that, yeah,

Connie  31:33

For me, my core assumption of my knowing is, there is only the coming of peace on earth. Everything serves it ever has ever will. That’s all there is. So that’s my reality. So I asked, How does this serve the coming of peace? Honor? The answers you get depend on the questions you ask. So and those questions based on your assumptions, okay. So I get radically different answers from people who think we’re going to hell in a handbasket. And it’s all horrible and humanity’s digressing, etc, I get totally different answers.

Dennis  32:16

Exactly. And I’m, it feels to me, and we’ve talked about this with some of the other scientists and psychologist and anthropologists that we’ve talked to on program about it feels to me, as if there is an a shift in consciousness in the same way that must have happened when when we went from the chimpanzee into the hominid. There, it feels like that we’re making a shift that there that there isn’t a shift in consciousness that is happening, something that there’s an impelling, an evolutionary, an evolutionary imperative that is happening right now. It feels like it’s something feels different.

Andrew  33:01

So what’s different is we are conscious for the first time that we know of Barbara Marx Hubbard and her idea of conscious evolution, we are now aware that we are an evolving species, we ain’t done yet. We still got work to do. When I was swinging through the trees, and I flew down and jumped into my Ferrari and raced off across the prairie. I was not as conscious as I am. Now, I did know that that was a quantum leap in behavior. Yes, I shorten history a bit between everybody that’s an assumption were descended from the apes.

Dennis  33:35

That’s part of that part of the assumption about how, because I assume that there is something other than the present moment. There isn’t. Right? That’s an that again, that’s an assumption.

Connie  33:50

That’s something. One of the assumptions that sets our assumption number seven, number seven. And that’s there is only now this precious present moment, there is only now there’s precious present moments, so pay attention. So that’s the gateway to the trust frequency. And that’s why we’re losing our memory. Okay, because if we can’t remember what we’re supposed to do tomorrow, and we can’t remember what we did yesterday, where are we? Also. So I saw this long ago, because I asked, okay, how is this going to happen? in a loving way, this shift in consciousness, which is a given for us? And my daughter was sitting at the kitchen counter, and I had asked us to the universe, right, my daughter’s sitting at the kitchen counter. This was 30 years ago. And she said, Mom, what would happen if everyone got amnesia? I’m like, Alley. That’s it. That’s how it’s going to happen. Okay, and then I started watching people having senior moments. etc, you know, and I’m like EA, and then the men and black came, you know, where they just went in zap, zap memories. And then a little girl came over to play with my other daughter one day. And she said, constant, you know what happened, I was right in the middle of a fight with my mother. And I forgot what I was mad about. And that told me that it had nothing to do with age. Okay, this is how I, this is how I get my information about the nature of the universe, okay. And when I get it like that, I know, it’s from the Divine, I resonate to it, I put it in my worldview. And that’s very, totally real. For me

Dennis  35:37

The present moment, the more that I that I, I get to it, I know that when I’m sitting in meditation, and I really try to experience the present moment, and just that act of attempting to do, it shows me how much I’m away from the present moment, during the rest of my other activities. And so it’s an extraordinary work to do that, to be able to go into the practice of that.

Connie  36:02

But it’s helping because we’re losing our memory, right?

Dennis  36:06

Think of the memories as as, as a 55 gallon drum, that the you know, it’s like it gets filled up at the top, and then everything else just spills over. spills over on the side. I got a question now. Yeah.

Clay  36:22

My perception is that you’re going to have to have the majority of the world thinking this way for change to happen. And how the monk, tell me about that,

Connie  36:38

You know, about the 100th. Monkey, vaguely? Well, then when the when the consciousness reaches a certain level, the whole thing shifts, when the 100th Monkey ships, the whole monkey Kingdom shifts.

Clay  36:54

So are you saying that it doesn’t take the majority of the world to get to this consciousness level for change to happen, it can happen with a much smaller population.

Andrew  37:05

This is a subject that has actually been studied. And the idea seems to be emerging that it’s going to take about, it’s gonna take a bunch of pain, but about 6%.

Clay  37:16


Andrew  37:18

That was significant number, but not 50%, not 70%, not 100%, a small enough butterfly to have that butterfly effect on the rest of us.

Connie  37:30

But one thing we have to realize, see, with quantum science and the observer effect, we have to realize our responsibility to the collective consciousness, that if we see it, we sense it, it is our responsibility to vibrate at that level, to keep it in mind to the best of our ability, because like you said, Dennis, it’s a process. But what if we realize it’s, it’s a responsibility, we have that we affect the collective consciousness, we are the loving universe, everything we see, we think we feel our emotions, in the same herramienta with unified physics is now proving that, you know, it has to do with the fact that the energy of the universe is in every cell of our body. So we’re feeding every cell, every emotion, every vibration feeds, of creation. And we actually say all of creation is awaiting love in the human heart, awaiting the opening of the human heart, that our work is actually transmuting fear separation and scarcity, but of creation.

Dennis  38:42

That feels so good, because it feels so hopeful. Because it gives it also gives me my work to do. Because I get to be totally responsible, I get to contribute to the collective conscience, I got to raise my raise my awareness, raise my frequency in that so that I can help I mean, we I I’m very metaphorical. I’ll take a good metaphor and ride it until it’s in the ground and keep going with it. So So I think of our I think of myself as as getting an opportunity to be able to, to contribute into this into this raising of awareness that’s happening all over the world like the the internet is an artificial nodal net, that that connects the consciousnesses of people that is actually helping to be able to very quickly like someone, someone tomorrow as soon as clay gets this edited, can be in Mozambique, and can listen to this conversation. How long would that have taken to happen? 20 or 30 years ago?

Connie  40:00

Yeah, absolutely. So let’s inherent in what you were saying, Dennis, is that, because I think we agreed early on that, there’s only one thing we call it the universe, it’s the only thing there is, is nothing else that conscious loving, and you can describe it, you can use the descriptors and so on. But tell us this unique verse that that which is, and there is nothing else you can’t leave, you can’t escape. And we’re all deeply, profoundly entangled and interconnected part of that, therefore, as you, Dennis, raise your vibratory frequency, guess what you’re doing to the universe. You’re raising vibratory frequency of the entire universe and influencing every century of being an every rock. in that universe. It’s amazing. I want to add to that first verse say, Amen.

Clay  40:58

Dennis, remember, something that Rick tarnis shared with us. And it was from Plotinus. And it’s so beautiful, and it speaks, I think it speaks directly to what you’re talking about. And it says, The stars are like letters that describe themselves at every moment in the sky. Everything in the world is for signs. All events are coordinated. All things depend on each other. Everything breeze together.

Andrew  41:27

A beautiful video, that actually brings us into our next assumption that’s 2000 years ago, and yeah, there’s a six assumption which was written by Plotinus. He was he, there you go. we ever get a check.

Connie  41:43

Circumstance guides us on our journey to wholeness. circumstance loves us more than we do.

Andrew  41:53

So a lot of people think they are victims of circumstance, we say okay, what we’re doing here is we’re taking the opposite was the opposite of a victim of beneficiary. We are beneficiaries of circumstance. It’s every time I get smacked upside the head with a two by four, when I think I’m going from A to B, and something comes out of left field is that no, you’re not, you’re going over there. Again, I have to learn to be grateful to know that I’m not a victim, that I’m a beneficiary. And thank you for redirecting me.

Andrew  42:22

So we didn’t look for the opposite of the prevailing paradigm. But it’s a good tool for people to say, Okay, what do I think? Let me try flipping it to the opposite. We actually just came away, we started from the other end, we came up with this concept for the 10 assumptions and then said, okay, so what? Current What is this what people believe right now? No. So what do you believe, and we made a list of those 10.

Connie  42:46

A circumstance loves us more than we do, because we’re in this little box of this paradigm that says, we’re separate that we’re not okay, that doesn’t matter, nothing matters. And here, we have this loving universe, taking us on this journey that we agreed to go on, and we asked it to take us on. And we discover that every circumstance actually happens for us, not to us, and is taking us places we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Andrew  43:18

No suspect you know that right? So everything happens for us, not to us. If something’s happening to me this that victim thought is in there, isn’t it? That if it’s happening for me, no matter how terrible it may appear on a surface, if everything is happening for me, and I can truly trust that. Wow, that’s so liberating.

Clay  43:42

Yeah. And so there’s two more assumptions. Is that correct? Yes, there are. Nice assumption, the ninth assumption, which is that humanity is on an evolutionary upward spiral.

Connie  43:58

Okay. Because if we assume that we see that then and then the answers, all the answers are different from overhead and downhill, we’ve gone the wrong way. All that. So that’s a really important one that were leading x, x or x or blade and X inexorably to peace on earth and heaven on earth.

Andrew  44:23

And if that’s what you remember, what an assumption is, it’s a belief. It’s something we believe to be true without questions. You do not question on assumption. So if you were on this upward spiral at times, it’s Rocky, but on the whole, we are unfolding, they’re blossoming, we’re growing as a species.

Clay  44:45

Well, okay, so I want to I want to peel the onion on that a little bit, because I spent most of my life thinking that times linear. That you know, we’re going in this Straight line out there. When you talked about we’re spiraling. Hmm. Then that gives us some the, I’m assuming then that time is cyclical,which is a big that’s a big thing for someone to pick up if they’ve been on the linear path their whole life. But the Vedic texts talk about it the precession of the equinoxes, it all the ancient traditions have it, that it’s time to cyclical, exactly.

Andrew  45:32

So it moves forward. It’s teleological in the sense that it’s going somewhere. Think about, think about our sun and our solar system. It’s going somewhere, it’s traveling through the universe at very high speed. And it’s everything’s revolving around everything else. So the whole thing’s convoluted spiral that’s evolving, because it’s different in different states and different times.

Clay  45:57


Andrew  45:59

And we’re coming around, but we’re coming around at a higher place. History’s repeating itself, but it’s it’s coming around at a higher level.

Clay  46:09

That’s kind of the how spiral dynamics talks about a g7. I think, yeah, I don’t know much about that. It’s very important thinking. But yeah, it’s, it agrees with what you’re what you’re saying. Interesting. Okay. Well, okay, so number 10. What’s number 10?

Connie  46:28

Number 10 Is the trust frequency is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and that it is a real place. Interest frequency is real. In other words, this is not a fantasy. This is not just a made up thing. There’s a vibratory state of consciousness, that’s real. And we can go there anytime just by remembering that it’s real. And what can get us there, our vibratory level our seven days, because it’s a conscious, loving universe.

Clay  47:03

And I want to underscore that when you’re talking about vibrational, you’re not talking metaphor. You’re talking physics. It’s physics. It’s physics. It’s vibration. We touched on that a week or two ago with the research director for Heart Math Institute. Yes. Okay. And in what he’s saying supports what you’re saying, We’re having so many people from the various vantage points pointing to this massive change. That’s, that’s happening. You know, it’s not something out there that’s happening. We’re in the midst of all this. And whether it’s psychological, physiological, vibrational, everybody’s saying it differently, but they’re saying the same thing. That we’re that we’re evolving to a higher level with that supports with

Connie  47:55

a higher frequency and says that there’s more information in a higher frequency. So his, his science is proving what we’re bringing through indigenous cosmology and quantum science synthesis. He’s, he’s bringing through this unified physics. And he said, when we tune our antenna, to a higher frequency, there’s more information. What we say is the laws are expanded. And there’s more beauty balanced joy and abundance than we can fathom. Because remember Jesus with the loaves and the fishes and the miracles, okay, the loaves and fishes, the limited abundance that lives there, and John Lennon’s Imagine, he’s telling us how we get there, and what it looks like, no possessions, the native people, you don’t own anything. You don’t own the land you don’t own. I don’t own this necklace. You know, if somebody likes my necklace, I realize it’s their turn, and I give it to them in the native way. So it’s a whole different reality in this higher frequency. And that’s, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Clay  49:04

So would it be true?

Andrew  49:07


Dennis  49:13

I love both of your comedy timings in your in your senses of humor, so It’s so delightful. Go clay. Alright. So would it be true that if we look at these

Clay  49:29

10 assumptions, that’s a way to peel back the layers so that I can begin to know who I really am. Why I’m really here and then move forward with that, you know, alignment. You know, the talk about Providence once one’s committed, once one’s aligned. And I’ve, I’ve personally experienced that. And you’re right, there’s no straight lines to anything. But boy, I tell you, when I aligned with my true purpose, the whole universe aligned with me. And guidance. That’s, yeah, yeah. And so that’s what I’m seeing your 10 assumptions are that that’s helps peel back helps reframe everything that allows that truth to come through.

Andrew  50:24

And if you’re like, I’d like to say something about human beings and assumptions, the vast majority of us, I would say, all of us have assumptions, I’m sitting on a chair, I have to assume this chair will support my wage, people say Don’t make assumptions, makes an ass out of you and me right is, you know, we all make assumptions there, our understanding of the nature of things, the nature of the universe. But our assumptions came to us, in our pre conscious years before the age of seven, before we got those cheese before that analytical left brain really kicked in. So I was told, at the age of three, that I’m a little shit, just to take one of those things as an example. And I was also told, when I was five, that does see those people down there, once of the black skins, they’re dangerous. And oh, by the way, you know, is not enough. And we’re never going to have enough food, and we’re never going to have enough money. And we can never afford another house or any, on and on. All of that stuff comes to us as little children, from our parents, from our teachers, from our buddies, from our contractors, then the culture, cultural system, they 10 baked in cultural assumptions. And if we could be pygmy sitting in the African jungle, and there would be some equivalent of that I would have a different outward form. But I think every culture, sort of impregnates the next generation with these fundamental beliefs. That is the worldview of that culture. And who ever stops to think, and says, Wait a minute, where did I get that from? Do I really believe that? And can I rethink that it? Can I? Is it possible that I can actually bring them to the surface? Look at them say hell, no, I’m not. I don’t believe that. Where’d you get it from? Oh, my dad told me that. Uh, huh. Or my grandfather, on and on. So that’s what this work is about the trust frequency work is about examining assumptions. And basically being asked to just try on us an alternative set. And if it doesn’t fit, make up sometimes you’re on.

Connie  52:35

So many people say, this book, these assumptions articulate something I’ve always known, but never had the words or, huh, okay, because it is our true nature. We would go to say, perhaps it’s the true nature of the universe. But we’re not going to say that that’s dogma, one has to decide for oneself, one’s assumptions are and what’s relevant for one. But the one important thing is to understand is no shame, no blame for having come in, on this journey. Okay, so one’s not less than because one came in with self doubt and self hatred and brought all this challenge and abuse and whatever into our lives. No, is no is the job job we came here to do. So and the universe has blessed us with it, so that we can bring our true gifts, which is us. The universe wants us all of us. Wow. I’m

Clay  53:39

My head spinning. And when what came to mind a few moments ago, as you were talking, was this idea of fear. And the question. I’ve never thought about it. But is fear part of our DNA? Or is fear learned?

Connie  54:01

False Evidence Appearing Real fear of AR? Well, that’s one way.

Andrew  54:08

But that I think, I think your point is, is it baked in? Is it in our DNA? And I would say the answer to that is yes, in that we, as we said earlier on, all of my predecessors are in static folders. So everything they believed and experienced and understood from those experiences that were dangerous or scary or unpleasant, whatever they were the things those things which we would fear as opposed to loving, you know, I don’t welcome pain or disease. But those things that we might be afraid of. I think we it’s twofold. One is we were taught very intentionally to fear certain things as children, like, I grew up in Africa, that snake, if it bites you, you’re gone. Yes, survival. So there are certain survival things that are practical, sensible things Don’t just sit down and meditate in the middle of the freeway. Not a good idea. Okay, so, bingo.

Clay  55:08

For me, I’m thinking that, yes, fear is part of my DNA. And when I’m born, it only manifests really when it’s reinforced. I’m, you know, like, I mean, I don’t know if I’m saying it right, what I’m trying to do is make a correlation between is fear as part of our DNA. Well, James Doty, and his work with on compassion, says that compassion is part of our DNA.

Andrew  55:48

And it’s a rush. And trust is, and we know that if there’s nothing in the universe, but love, and love is obviously part of our DNA, because DNA is actually made of love. But it’s that freedom that we somehow have been given, if we put it that way. That’s our that’s how I was given this assumption, I was given free will, I was given the freedom to believe anything I choose. And actually the job of figuring it out. And I have installed stuff, but my culture. And as I grew up, a lot of us as teenagers, we rebelled, only we got shut up that I’m not gonna do that. You know, so there’s all of that we all come from a certain era, we’re in the 60s where our whole generation rose up and basically rejected some of the fundamental assumptions of the collective culture.

Andrew  56:42

So free will, which is our fifth assumption is an absolute law of the universe.

Connie  56:47

And that’s constant no such thing as no free will we, we have the freedom to choose our frequency.

Clay  56:57

That’s a big responsibility.

Connie  56:59

Right there see, freedom to choose our frequency? We can, we can say no, I don’t believe in all that, that’s fine. We have the freedom to choose our assumptions to choose where we put our attention to choose all this stuff.

Dennis  57:13

If that were not true, Connie, then when someone cuts me off on the freeway on a Thursday, I would react exactly the same way as I do on a Friday because on a Thursday, I’m all mad and pissed off and angry at that person. On a Friday, they do exactly the same thing. And I’m, oh, they’re having a hard time. And let me get him. They’re the exact same thing happen. But I’m the one.

Andrew  57:37

See the choice? See, life is just an endless sequence of choices have conscious intentions.

Connie  57:46

And I say to people, you know, people say, Oh, you’re trying to change me? No, I’m not trying to. I’m, I’m telling you a set of assumptions. I don’t care what you do with them. That’s your choice. You complain. We’re offering this set of assumptions and this book and our who we are, and our worldview, but I don’t care what you think, or what you do. That’s your business. It’s totally free will.

Dennis  58:15

What feels so good about this is that this is the the definition of living at the moment when we say it’s a program of attraction, and not promotion, you know, that this is what you it’s what you’re offering me, you’re offering me an opportunity to be able to say, search inside myself. Look into who I am. And how’s that working for you, Dennis?

Andrew  58:47

And a child, isn’t it?

Connie  58:51

When you rather be beloved, from a victim, when there

Dennis  58:54

There you go. Yeah, I know that I know. Because I look into my own resentments toward myself and I wonder, well, I must be getting something from that. What am I getting from holding that against myself, I’m I must be I must be finding something. Either some need to stay small or something that I’m doing that I’m holding against myself, to be able to do that

Clay  59:20

The men’s work that I’ve done, that I can’t see the perfect person that I am, that the universe has has, you know, has given me and that’s where the men who surround me remind me who I am. And, and I bring that up because we’re going to get together again. And we’re going to talk about men’s work. And so I just wanted to put that in there but what you were saying really brought that out in my mind.

Dennis  59:56

I’m so I’m so happy that we get a chance to have another conversation with you both on the nominee on this subject. And because I have a, my sense is is that this is it’s going to be iterative. And that we are, we’re actually going to be the using many of the principles that you’re talking all of the principles that you’re talking about in our next discussion. But it’ll just have a different cosmetic face, but it’ll be the same essence of what we’re talking about, or a different application to a different application of that. Thank you. Thanks,

Andrew  1:00:30

I wanted not to lose one thing from what Yeah, please. You talks about your resentment towards yourself. So this is from Jay, foundational, we have these beliefs about ourselves that were baked in when we were little, little boys, and our self esteem, how love for ourselves is the hardest thing. It’s kind of easy to love. It’s kind of easy for me to love this girl. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Dennis  1:00:54

Who wouldn’t? God.

Andrew  1:00:57

And like, my little grandchildren, you know, I mean, that’s relatively easy, but look in the mirror and face myself. Oh, man. So one of the most challenging things is actually our self respect, self esteem, ourselves, love. And trusting this, this, these, these 10 assumptions actually help a whole lot. They’re each fragments of a mirror that adds up to a very beautiful reflection of ourselves as magnificent, as beautiful as useful. As he over the purpose, all of those things that really helped me personally, my practicing for decades was to to learn that I was lovable. I actually didn’t believe I was lovable. And man, that was hard. And I did a lot of Ben’s work myself place. And we’ll talk about that,

Connie  1:01:48

Again, I just want to say backlog in the conversation. The idea that a reaction and a behavior has to do with core issues. Somebody brought that up to us. Decades ago, when we had a thing right before the this person came to visit us. came to see us. And she said, Whoa, that sounds like a core issue situation. And that just took it right there. Right to what’s going on. I mean, that observation of hers changed our lives. Right there. Core

Andrew  1:02:27

When his inexplicable behaviors emerge.

Dennis  1:02:31

Yeah. Thank you. Pray. Thank you for inviting me on this journey. And thank you for inviting me to this conversation. To enter Connie, y’all. Thank you so much for for this time. And thank you for for knowing that we’re going to be having another conversation with you and I knowing that it’s already scheduled makes me very happy and thank you both. Clay. Thank you so much. And thank you everyone who is listening out there. And please join us again for in search of the new compassionate male.

Andrew  1:03:07

And that has been an honor. Thank you.

Connie  1:03:09

Thank you for having us.

Clay  1:03:11

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