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New Abolitionists Radio: Exploring Bernie Sanders’s Plan To End Slavery Without Amending The US Constitution
January 19, 2020

Not only does Sanders's historic anti-slavery plans end prison slavery but it frees victims who are in prison over weed convictions. In addition to freeing drug war victims related to cannabis convictions who would have those records expunged,

New Abolitionists Radio: Prison Abolitionists Argue Amber Guyger Should Not Go To Prison, Why They’re Wrong
October 07, 2019

Prison abolitionists are seizing on the aggrieved words of Brandt Jean, 18 yr old brother of Botham Jean who was murdered by former cop Amber Guyger, to push for the abolition of prisons and go as far as to say Guyger should not go to prison.

New Abolitionists Radio: Race, Racism, Dallas PD & Amber Guyger vs. Justice
October 03, 2019

Former Dallas Police Officer aka Slave Catcher Amber Guyger is now a convicted murderer and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. While most have been distracted by public spectacles of forgiveness by Botham Jean's little brother in a moment of emotiona...

New Abolitionist Radio: Policing Identity Politics Vs. Justice
September 25, 2019

Police oppression in the USA is not an individual racism thing unless a lot of these Black cops are anti-black but it is more of an institutional problem connected to 21 st Century Slavery and Human Trafficking. Program Notes. -

New Abolitionists Radio: Sanders & Warrens Issue Dueling Criminal Justice Reform Proposals
August 21, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren are front runners in the political race for the DNC presidential nomination. The DNC nomination which in 2016 was awarded to Hillary Clinton, is a must if one wants a realistic shot at actually becomi...

NA Radio: Epstein’s Apparent Murder Highlights Systemic Issue Within The Prison Slavery Industrial Complex
August 14, 2019

;new advadsCfpAd( 35245 ); - Tonight on New Abolitionists Radio we will discuss how inhumanity of not only the system but also the people working in prisons, jails and detention facilities across the United States.

NA Radio: Child’s Dodgeball Assault Case, Dallas Cops Kill Man Who Asked For Help, Private Prison Slaver’s Want Help
July 31, 2019

;new advadsCfpAd( 35245 ); Tonight on New Abolitionists Radio, tune in for a rundown of just a few of the stories that are symptoms of a corrupt inhumane system exploiting human beings for profit which is slavery. - In The News... -

New Abolitionists Radio: Prison Guard Whistleblower & Author of The Green Wall, D.J. Vodicka
July 17, 2019

;new advadsCfpAd( 35245 ); - Joining us tonight in conversation is former California prison guard D.J. Vodicka who blew the whistle on what he called rouge prison guards detailed in his book, The Green Wall: The Story Of A Brave Prison Guard’S Fig...

New Abolitionists Radio: Rep. John Lewis Minimizes Mass Incarceration With A Respectability Tweet #GoodTrouble
July 10, 2019

;new advadsCfpAd( 35245 ); Rep John Lewis, Democrat (D-GA 5th District) since 1987, has a long history in the US Congress. During that long history, he has voted against crime legislation that if he had voted for would have put him on the wron...

New Abolitionists Radio – Wrongful Targeting & Enslavement, Past & Present Victims
July 03, 2019

;new advadsCfpAd( 35245 ); On tonight's broadcast, the regular panel has the night off but our abolitionists comrade Tag will help to facilitate a conversation with activists and victims around the wrongful convictions of victims of the US mod...