The Nephron Segment: A Kidney Podcast

The Nephron Segment: A Kidney Podcast

Episode 9: Transgender Health & NephMadness 2023

March 01, 2023

On Episode 9, guests Dr. Mitchell Lunn and NephMadness 2023 Transgender Health Region writer Dr. Sehrish Ali join us for a discussion of why the 2 teams in this region should win this year's NephMadness crown: Kidney Care for the Transgender Patient and Gender Affirming Care. We discuss what gender affirming care really means, challenges of glomerular filtration rate estimation in those who are transgender, 3 categories of transitioning: social, medical, & surgical - and that there is no singular transition path for transgender people. Our guests and the Nephrons also share their bracket picks for this region. Which team is your pick? Submit your brackets and try to match the Blue Ribbon Panel's bracket at by the end of March 2023.

Nephrons: Elinor Mannon, Sam Kant, Matthew Sparks, Samira Farouk

Guests: Mitchell Lunn, Sehrish Ali

Links from the Show:

02:13 Growing awareness for gender-affirming care

03:15 Lack of evidence based guideline on assessing estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) in patients receiving gender affirming hormonal therapy (GAHT)

05:12 Effect of GAHT on kidney function

06:42 Creating a welcoming environment for the patient

09:17 Addressing patients with the correct pronoun

11:50 Health surveys offering limited assessment of gender identity

16:57 Lack of post graduate medical training in addressing disparities in LGBTQ+ community 

22:50 Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease in transgender individuals on GAHT

25:54 The effect of gender affirming medical interventions on improving mental health 

26:27 Gender affirming surgery