The Nephron Segment: A Kidney Podcast

The Nephron Segment: A Kidney Podcast

Episode 8: Mental Health & Kidney Disease

January 27, 2023

On Episode 8, guests Dr. L Parker Gregg and patient advocate Nichole Jefferson join us for a conversation about the importance of mental health in patients with kidney disease. Nichole shares with us the importance of attention to mental health and her journey from hemodialysis to peritoneal dialysis to 2 kidney transplants. We also discuss recent and upcoming research in this area. 

Links from the Show:

04:05:  Rates of depression among patients with kidney disease

06:10:  National estimates of mental health needs among adults with chronic kidney disease

06:41: The overlap of uremia and depression

09:28: The transition from dialysis to transplant

13:48: The CAST trial: effect of sertraline in patients with chronic kidney disease

14:42: The ASCEND trial: cognitive behavioral therapy vs sertraline in patients on hemodialysis

17:46: Adverse effects associated with antidepressant use in patients with chronic kidney disease

21:16: Resources for support for patients with kidney disease

23:06 CONCORD study: Combination of Novel Therapies for CKD Comorbid Depression