The Nephron Segment: A Kidney Podcast

The Nephron Segment: A Kidney Podcast

Episode 5: Nurses & Kidney Care

September 03, 2022

In Episode 5, guests Terri Murrray, RN and Jonathan Armenti, RN join us for a discussion about the role of nurses in dialysis and kidney transplantation in the care of patients with kidney disease. They discuss their journeys to their current careers, challenges faced by our patients, the hardest parts of their jobs, and recommendations on how we can improve kidney care.

Nephrons: Elinor Mannon, Sam Kant, Matthew Sparks, Samira Farouk

Guests: Terri Murray, Jonathan Armenti

Links from the Show:

1:42 The experience of being a dialysis nurse

5:47 Role of the transplant coordinator 

8:59 Challenges faced by patients receiving dialysis  

14:43 Care coordination for patients receiving dialysis 

16:12 Improving care for patients with kidney transplants 

16:44 Importance of social support in kidney transplantation 

18:06 Living kidney donation awareness 

19:21 Building trust with patients 

19:55 Empathetic validation in patient-provider communication 

22:55 The emergence of home dialysis 

24:35 The focus on patient reported outcomes 

27:50 Social support: imperative for patients receiving dialysis 

31:32 Nutrition in kidney disease 

32:48 Educating patients about their disease and improving involvement in their care 

34:19: Patient and care-partner empowerment