The Nephron Segment: A Kidney Podcast

The Nephron Segment: A Kidney Podcast

Episode 2: The Hype Around Home Dialysis

April 15, 2022

On Episode 2, guests Dr.Janice Lea and Dr. Osama El Shamy join us for a discussion about home dialysis: it's history, why it's important, and their thoughts the future - including addressing of barriers to meet lofty Advancing American Kidney Health initiative goals and training of the nephrology workforce.

Nephrons: Elinor MannonSam KantMatthew SparksSamira Farouk

Guests: Janice LeaOsama El Shamy

Links from the Show:

2:44 A Brief History of Home Hemodialysis (Blagg C)

4:26 The First US Outpatient Dialysis Unit: Seattle Artificial Kidney Center (Blagg C)

4:48 Dr. Albert Babb and the home dialysis unit for a 15 year-old

6:04 Controversy re: first home hemodialysis case (Shaldon)

11:13 Home Versus Facility Dialysis and Mortality in Australia and New Zealand (Marshall et al.)

11:13 An Incident Cohort Study Comparing Survival on Home Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis (Naudeau-Fredette et al.)

18:59 Advancing American Kidney Health

20:50 USRDS 2021 Annual Data Report Chapter 2: Home Dialysis

21:30 Expanded Prospective Payment System and Use of and Outcomes with Home Dialysis by Race and Ethnicity in the United States (Shen et al.)

23:05 Expanding Utilization of Home Dialysis: An Action Agenda From the First International Home Dialysis Roundtable (Mendu et al.)

29:29 Home Dialysis Training for Fellows: Privilege or Necessity? (El Shamy et al.)

31:18 A Survey-Based Evaluation of Self-Perceived Competency after Nephrology Fellowship Training (Berns et al.)

34:52 The Peritoneal Dialysis Orders Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE): A Formative Assessment for Nephrology Fellows (Prince et al.)

43:19 Buttonhole Technique 

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