The Nephron Segment: A Kidney Podcast

The Nephron Segment: A Kidney Podcast

Episode 11: Goosebumps & Kidney Week 2023

October 24, 2023

In Episode 11, guests Jordy Cohen & Samir Parikh (and members of the American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week Education Committee) join us for a discussion about Kidney Week 2023 and their careers as physician-scientists. They discuss their journeys to their current careers, what inspired them to pursue nephrology ("beautiful ribbons of anti-GBM"), and share their advice for trainees. 

For more on Kidney Week 2023, here's a Doximity op-ed.

Nephrons: Matthew SparksSamira Farouk

Guests: Jordy Cohen, Samir Parikh

Links from the Show:

02:03: PLA2R & Membranous Nephropathy (2009)

04:03: Sflt-1

05:05: FLOW & GLP-1

05:55: ACC HTN Guidelines (2017)

09:33: Bill McKibben Plenary: Too Hot & Inhuman Temperatures

10:45: Climate change & heat stress nephropathy

11:00: Ardem Patapoutian Plenary: How Do You Feel? The Molecules that Sense Touch

13:03: Obesity & RAS Activation (Mice)