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#98 – Spiritual Ideas: Ephesians, part 3
March 21, 2017

We continue our examination of the book of Ephesians by reviewing the second chapter of the book.  Paul starts by reminding all of us where we have been and then reminding us of what God has done for us in Jesus.

#97-Spiritual Ideas: Ephesians, part 2
March 08, 2017

We continue looking at the book of Ephesians by studying the second part of chapter one.  As Paul discusses the key to unlocking the spiritual blessing we talked about in the first study, we find that the key may not be a popular one.  In fact,

#96 – Spiritual Ideas: Ephesians, part 1
February 22, 2017

This is the first in a series of podcasts with teaching from the book of Ephesians.  The Apostle Paul wrote this letter to a church he loved deeply from a Roman prison.  He clearly outlines the Good News of Jesus and then tells his readers what that me...

#95-The Swaddling Clothes
February 08, 2017

There are two new titles now on and in the iTunes store from Narration by George today. Avatars of Websurfer is now available for download at both and from the iTunes store.  You can find links to both on my web-site (see below)...

#94-Miracles: 32 True Stories
January 25, 2017

We’re happy to announce this week that the book we’ve been sampling for the past two weeks is now available to be purchased and downloaded.  Click this link to find out how to purchase Avatars of Websufer at a special low price from CD Baby.

#93-Avatars of Websurfer #2
January 18, 2017

We continue sampling from the stories found in the book, Avatars of Websurfer.  This compilation of stories by authors Andrea J. Graham (who created the world), Cindy Koepp, H. A. Titus, and Travis Perry (who compiled and published the stories under hi...

#92-Avatars of WebSurfer #1
January 11, 2017

This is the first of two weeks that we’ll spend sampling the latest offering from Narration by George.  Avatars of Websurfer is a compilation of 10 stories by four different authors about the world of Websurfer.

#91-Looking Back, Looking Forward
January 04, 2017

What did we do in 2016?  What’s coming for 2017?  That’s the subject this week as we look back and look forward.  I play samples from some of 2016’s audio book releases.  And I summarize our schedule for the coming year. It’s a full one!

Let’s take a Holiday Break
December 28, 2016

Being the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year’s Day, let’s take a “podcast break.”  So, there will be no new audio this week.  However, the Holiday Giftaway is still on.  Just answer one of the questions I’ve posed in any of the past thr

#90-The Christmas Story & the Holiday Giftaway
December 21, 2016

This week, I take most of the podcast to re-tell the Christmas Story – that miraculous event which brought the world the Savior we all need.  Not only do we hear the story, but I share music which is appropriate for the events of the story.