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#16 – A Centurion, A Widow, John, and A Prostitute
July 09, 2021

In this episode of Jesus Stories, we hear of two remarkable people who have faith which is commended by Jesus. A Roman Centurion is sure that Jesus can hear a deathly ill slave just by speaking. And a

#15 – Treasure, Worry, Judgment, and Paths
June 28, 2021

We conclude looking at the Sermon on the Mount in this Jesus Stories episode. Jesus starts by getting into our wallets and our stuff. “Don’t store up treasures here on earth…” He tells us not to worry

#14 – Jesus and the Law, part 2
June 12, 2021

We continue reviewing Jesus’ teaching from the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus continues to challenge his listeners with his look at “the Law”. He outlines what the law says and continues with “but I say” to explain the expectation that Jehovah God held.

#13 – Jesus and the Law, part 1
May 30, 2021

In this Jesus Story episode we continue to break down the famous Sermon on the Mount. We move on from the Beatitudes to the next set of teachings. In contrast to the Beatitudes, Jesus speaks woes – the opposite of blessings – for those who are not seek...

#12-A New Way of Thinking
May 18, 2021

This episode of the Jesus Stories podcast covers some interesting events and begins some famous teaching. Jesus chooses his apostles and then moves to his most famous teaching – the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus begins the Sermon with what are known as th...

#11 – Confrontation & Healing
May 03, 2021

In this episode of Jesus Stories, we will complete the confrontation between Jesus and the religious leaders of the day; including the arguments Jesus presents to prove his identity. He will make them even madder when his disciples “harvest” grain and ...

#10 – The Sabbath Challenge
April 17, 2021

Episode Ten of Jesus Stories takes us into some deep theological territory. Jesus will heal a man on the Sabbath and then be taken to task for such an action by the religious leaders of the day. So, Jesus takes the time to explain exactly who he is and...

#9 – Jesus in Galilee, part 2
April 05, 2021

This week’s Jesus Stories podcast continues the narrative of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee. We start in Capernaum – Jesus’ home base – where he teaches and, again, confronts an evil spirit. This is followed by more teaching and lots of healings.

#8 – Jesus in Galilee, part 1
March 22, 2021

This episode picks up with the conclusion to Jesus visit to the Samaritan village of Sychar and how one conversation changed that village. He then travels north and revisits Cana, the village where we saw his first miracle.

7-Arguments & Conversation
March 08, 2021

As we open this week’s Jesus Story, the disciples of Jesus think that they are in competition with John the Baptist. However, Jesus sets them straight on this point. Even John informs us of his non-competitive position; he will become less while Jesus ...