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The Naked Vibes Show

Dean Lindsay – Singer-Songwriter, Business Thought Leader – Music & Conversation – Ep023

April 15, 2018

Dean Lindsay dares you to ask, "What's possible?" He's a multi-talented business thought leader, drawing from his background in performance & songwriting in order to be helpful to others.
Dean has performed for audiences all over the world as a vocalist for Up With People. He's authored three business books and has much to share on the ways we can all make a difference in our own lives and in the world. Infusing music into his presentations for corporate and teen organizations alike is just one of the ways he intends to rock your world.

2:56 - Story of Dean’s return to music after a few years away from the craft.

3:41 - Rock music is meditation for those of us who come from that background.

4:39 - Dean’s journey through meditation courses with The Art of Living. The breathing exercises he learned helped him reduce stress when he most needed it. As a thought leader and performer, breath exercises are essential for staying centered.

9:16 - SONG: “Long Breath In”

15:00 - Remo Drums HealthRhythms® - a drumming protocol backed by scientific evidence for reducing stress, releasing cancer-fighting cells into the bloodstream & promoting overall health & wellness. My trainer in this protocol is a long-time friend & colleague of Dean's. Christine Stevens was instrumental in putting Dean in front of audiences all over the world as a solo vocalist in Up With People. Dean talks about how he pushed through the fear that was holding him back prior to this experience.

17:46 - Musical training & performing has helped Dean in business applications, as a thought leader, & with the understanding of people & how to be most helpful & compassionate. He talks about Love as an essential attribute in life & business & the misconception that it's a frufru concept. It promotes curiosity & growth. It manifests in respect & willingness.

20:41 - Big Phat Goals is being embraced by, not only corporate groups, but also teen organizations. The audio version of the book contains the song, “Long Breath In”.

22:23 - It’s never too late & there is never a wrong time to connect with music & creativity. Dean talks about the importance of reconnecting to this energy in his own life & the meaning of being a "whole person".

27:32 - Building a business presentation uses essentially the same tools as writing a song.  It’s all “stating your case”.

28:00 - Dean’s message comes from a spiritual place. It’s not a religious message, but it carries a message of encouragement & progress.

Self-talk is powerful & Dean endeavors to teach people how to transform the way they see & talk to themselves.

30:22 - Instead of moving from “negative” to “positive” thinking, Dean explains that the next best step can be to move from “negative” to “possible”. It may be a very small step that progresses you into the positive. Dare to be all you’re made to be.

33:26 - Walking with no headphones, no buddies, no other distractions leads to greater clarity & broader perspectives. It's an essential tool for creativity.

34:45 - Dean is no longer looking to write "good" songs, but to write "helpful" songs. We can use music to create better health for ourselves & better lives. Music is a very intimate medium of communication & can reach places in people like nothing else can.

37:13 - Songs or other manifestations of creativity can often become the “friend” to another person in their darkest moment. Once you release your creation into the world, it becomes its own entity with a life of its own.

39:38 - Dean shares the story of performing his song, “Can’t Fight The Devil On Your Own”, at the House of Blues, which led to a songwriting connection with the group, The Relatives. The son of the group’s founder explained that his father always wr...