Mysteries, Myths & More

Mysteries, Myths & More

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Forgotten Lives, Part 3 Valerie Burger Spiess -010
December 01, 2019

A Swiss woman honored by the First Nations people of Quebec. - a, Otto Rainer Burger, Passenger Lists. b Wikipedia, “Selective Training and Service Act of 1940,” online. c Berkshire Evening Eagle, Science Service,

Memoir Writing, An interview with author, Alberta Sequeira -009
November 01, 2019

Memoirs of an alcoholic family in crisis. - Alberta’s books include the following~ On alcoholism • Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round; An Alcoholic Family in Crisis • Please, God, Not Two; This Killer Called Alcoholism

Forgotten Lives, Part 2 -008
October 02, 2019

Books/Articles a Lucy Frucht, video interview, USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive, recorded 12 October 1995 (Miryam Rabner, interviewer); viewed at Brandeis University, 7 August 2019. b Lucy Frucht, video interview,

Forgotten Lives, Part 1 -007
September 01, 2019

Books/Articles a Lucy Frucht, “Varian Fry” tribute (1991) and personal communication. b Hertha Pauli, Break of Time, Hawthorn Books, Inc., New York, 1972 (English version). c Hertha Pauli, Cry of the Heart;: The story of Bertha von Suttner, I.

Anna Garrity’s School of Dance -006
August 03, 2019

Little Architects of Time and Space: Poems by Susan Nissenbaum Becker (non-fiction) Published by WordTech Communications/Word Poetry (2013)

La Pedicure, A Symphony in Four Movements -005
July 01, 2019

"Finding Wabi-Sabi,"Lauren Hendrick, p. "Z1," Better Homes & Gardens, June 2019. (Fiction)

Life Upon the Wicked Stage -004
June 04, 2019

A standing ovation is a playwright's dream. (non-fiction)

Time is Short and the Water Rises -003
May 01, 2019

Describes the largest jungle-animal rescue project ever undertaken (nonfiction). To see the Walter Cronkite Documentary, go to YouTube "Operation Gwamba."  For the web article on Montserrat, see Sarah Schweitzer on the website, Truly Adventurous.

Penelope’s Tapestry -002
March 31, 2019

"Penelope's Tapestry" is the story of The Odyssey from Ulysses' wife's point-of-view (fiction)

What Ever Happened To Tommy Johnson -001
March 01, 2019

Recounts one small, brave event in the 1950's, an error of racial tensions (non-fiction)