Mom is the New Strong Podcast

Mom is the New Strong Podcast

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#113 Quiet Quitting
December 21, 2022

Quiet quitting, the sneaky way that we let dreams go to die. Unfortunately, most of us are not even aware that we are doing this! Including myself. But once you become aware of it there is no going back. You have no choice but to do better! This episode i

#112 Can You Really Create a Fit Lifestyle with 90 Day Challenges? (Sprint Goals)
December 12, 2022

90 Day Challenges can get a bad rap about not creating any real lasting changes and this because they are missing 2 key ingredients to keep you going! Today we are talking about sprint goals, what they are and how to do them right!

#111 The Fittest Experience Online Qualifier - My Takeaways
November 18, 2022

This was my first time competing in The Fittest Experience Online Qualifier and I wanted to share my experience. What it was like, what I am going to do differently next year and sharing if I made it to the big event in January at Austin, Texas! For anyon

#110 The Keto Diet & Muscle Gains
October 22, 2022

Studies cited in this episode Impact of a 6-week non-energy-restricted ketogenic diet on physical fitness, body composition and biochemical parameters in healthy adults   Low-carbohydrate,

#109 Preparing for Your first Crossfit Competition
October 06, 2022

Today I share with you my biggest takeaways and tips on how to prepare for your first local Crossfit competition. Also, what it's like to compete, what I recommend eating and doing the day of competition. My hopes is that I can inspire you to sign up for

#108 Should Women Try Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss? Does it hurt or help lean muscle gains?
September 29, 2022

In today's episode we really look into the science of fasting (mostly around intermittent fasting) based on the research provided below. I play devil's advocate and look into top reasons why people are FOR or AGAINST fasting and compare that to what was f

#107 My Mindset and Game Plan to Lose This Extra 10lbs
September 23, 2022

Today's episode I share my current goal of losing 10lbs. Why I need to, how I approach it in a positive way and the game plan I am taking to reach it. This episode is not just to share about me. It's main purpose is to inspire someone to lose their next 1

#106 Diagnosed with ADHD at Age 35 (Mental Health Journey Update #2)
August 23, 2022

Today's episode is me sharing an update on my mental health journey. It's been a little over a month since my last update. I am happy to say I think I've finally found an ADHD medication that works! Most of today's episode is me sharing many non-typical A

#97 Should You Try Crossfit? A Skeptics Honest Opinion
July 27, 2022

In today's episode I share my journey with Crossfit and how I went from Crossfit Skeptic to Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. I share my honest unbias viewpoint on who should try Crossfit and go over many of

#105 Should You Try Crossfit? A Skeptics Honest Opinion
July 22, 2022

3 Podcast Episodes focused on macro counting (What to look for when hiring a Nutrition or Macros Coach (make offer at the end), Do calories really matter? How much protein do I really need to eat for my goals? Tips and Tricks to Eating More Protein, The P