Minutia Men Celebrity Interview on Radio Misfits

Minutia Men Celebrity Interview on Radio Misfits

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Celebrity Interview – Shatner’s Hairpiece
June 07, 2023

Shatner's Hairpiece is the moniker of the viral guitarist who has taken YouTube and the streets of Vancouver by storm. His real name is Robin Spanell, and he tells the tricks of the trade to Rick and Dave. [Ep130]

Celebrity Interview – Savoy Brown drummer Garnet Grimm
June 01, 2023

Savoy Brown's leader Kim Simmonds passed away recently, but not before creating another new album. Rick and Dave discuss his legacy and new album with the band's drummer Garnet Grimm. [Ep129]

Celebrity Interview – Mrs. America, Nicole Zwiercan
May 18, 2023

The current Mrs. America is Nicole La Ha Zwiercan, and she hails from Illinois. Rick and Dave talked to her about her role, her secret pageant tricks, her passions, and how she got involved in politics. [Ep128]

Celebrity Interview – “Hustling Hitler” author Walter Shapiro
May 10, 2023

In "Hustling Hitler" Shapiro tells the tale of his truly memorable great uncle Freeman Bernstein, who among other things, conned Adolf Hitler and the Nazis out of millions of dollars. Walter tells Rick and Dave all about it. [Ep127]

Celebrity Interview – Eric Nelsen (Yellowstone / 1883)
April 12, 2023

Eric Nelsen chats with Rick and Dave about the Dutton family shows and an impressive award-winning career. [Ep126]

Celebrity Interview – May Pang
April 05, 2023

John Lennon's companion during his infamous "Lost Weekend" in the mid-70s was May Pang, and she talks all about her relationship plus the film it inspired: "The Lost Weekend: A Love Story" coming soon to a theater near you. [Ep125]

Celebrity Interview – Jeff Abbott
March 29, 2023

Jeff is simply the greatest keytar player in the world. The man who inspired millions of views on YouTube chats with Rick and Dave about the keytar, the music that inspires him, and Dave & Jeff swap Stevie Wonder stories. [Ep124]

Celebrity Interview – Jazz Singer Kurt Elling (Pt2)
March 22, 2023

Grammy award winner Kurt Elling has a new EP out and Rick and Dave talk to him about it. They also chat about coffee, pinball, kids, and Eddie Money.. [Ep123]

Celebrity Interview – Eric Litt
March 08, 2023

Author of "Oscar's Biggest Mistakes" Eric Litt and his predictions for the Academy Awards with Rick and Dave. [Ep122]

Celebrity Interview – Ismo Leikola
February 28, 2023

Who is Ismo Leikola? The world's funniest Finn, that's who. The comedian was named the funniest man in the world, and Rick and Dave chat with him about his comedic takes on America and the English language [Ep121]