Minutia Men Celebrity Interview on Radio Misfits

Minutia Men Celebrity Interview on Radio Misfits

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Celebrity Interview – Comedian/Podcaster Dobie Maxwell
October 05, 2022

Dobie Maxwell has performed comedy in 49 states, and has some great road stories. He shares them with Rick and Dave. [Ep107]

Celebrity Interview – Vision Quest star Frank Jasper
September 21, 2022

Frank Jasper is a cult hero in the wrestling world. He played Shute in the film Vision Quest, and has some great stories for Rick and Dave.  [Ep106]

Celebrity Interview – “Head of the Class” star Dan Frischman
September 14, 2022

The man who played the king of the nerds, Arvid Engen on Head of the Class, joins Rick and Dave to discuss his career. Fun tales about Howard Hesseman, Brad Pitt, Mike Tyson, and more.  [Ep105]

Celebrity Interview – NFL Legend, Jim McMahon
September 07, 2022

The Punky QB talks to Rick and Dave about the perks of being an '85 Bear, plus some of his exploits on and off the field. Plus, as a special bonus, he describes the best concession stand in the NFL. [Ep104]

Celebrity Interview – Best Selling Author Scott Turow
August 31, 2022

The author of legal thrillers like "Presumed Innocent" and "Burden of Proof", Scott Turow joins Rick and Dave to discuss his new book "Suspect" plus the joys/pitfalls of dealing with Hollywood, his rock band, the Cubs, and the current state of the rule of

Celebrity Interview – Selling Dead People’s Things author Duane Scott Cerny
August 24, 2022

Duane has written two great books about his experience at the helm of a vintage store, Selling Dead People's Things and Vintage Confidential. He has some great stories and shares them with Rick and Dave.  [Ep102]

Celebrity Interview – Chicago Tour Guide Mike McMains
August 17, 2022

Mike McMains does a few truly memorable walking tours of Chicago including an Ugly Buildings tour, and an Underground Chicago tour (with rats!). Rick and Dave chat about those tours and their hometown of Chicago.  [Ep101]

Celebrity Interview – Rock & Roll Radio Icon Bob Stroud
July 13, 2022

The recently semi-retired rock and roll radio great Bob Stroud swaps memorable rock and roll stories with Rick and Dave.  [Ep100]

Celebrity Interview – Chili Dog MVP co-author Dr. David Fletcher
May 25, 2022

Dr. David Fletcher co-wrote the book about baseball great Dick Allen and the memorable 1972 Chicago White Sox season.  [Ep99]

Celebrity Interview – Sportscaster/Author Rich King
May 11, 2022

Legendary Chicago radio and television sportscaster Rich King talks about his great new book "Ike and Me" and regales Rick and Dave with memorable stories about the likes of Michael Jordan and Walter Payton.  [Ep98]