The Millennium Counseling Center Podcast

The Millennium Counseling Center Podcast

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Therapist Shortage, Instant Access to Bad News, and Athlete Mental Health
July 21, 2022

In this Millennium Hope podcast episode, Derek Bylsma takes on mental health topics including: therapist shortage in our country instant access to bad news Roe v Wade conversation awareness around ath

Time To Shine Today Podcast with Derek Bylsma
June 03, 2022

Derek Bylsma was a featured guest on the Time To Shine Today Podcast Podcast to share his journey into being a therapist with support from his family. The host of the Time To Shine Today podcast is Sc

Sarah Meister | From Division 1 Volleyball to Sports Performance Therapist
February 11, 2022

As heard recently on the Gametime Guru Podcast! From the Gametime Guru: What a story we have for you today! Sarah Meister played volleyball at the Division 1 level for Missouri, and she has quite a fe

SportsEpreneur Podcast Appearance | Montee Ball, Transfer Portal, NIL, Antonio Brown
January 21, 2022

Wisconsin Badger Superstar Running Back Montee Ball and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and nationally board-certified counselor Derek Bylsma are the featured guests of this SportsEpreneur po

Mental Health During Chaotic Times & the Trauma of COVID-19
January 05, 2022

ABOUT THIS PODCAST EPISODE ON MENTAL HEALTH DURING CHAOTIC TIMES As we all deal with the trauma of Covid-19, we are seeing a rise in mentalhealth awareness. We are grateful that we have a leader in m

Untapped Keg Sobriety and Mental Health Podcast with Derek Bylsma
December 13, 2021

Derek Bylsma was a featured guest on theUntapped Keg Sobriety and Mental Health Podcast to discuss his own sobriety and recovery. The hosts of the Untapped Keg podcast are Montee Ball and RJ Zimmerma

Blind Spots: Exploring What We Cannot See
November 15, 2021

In this episode on the Blind Spots podcast, Dr. Chantelle Thomas talks with Derek Bylsma about working with athletes and redefining strength through connection. If you have any questions about dealing

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay
September 24, 2021

It isnt unique to suffer from what is going on in the world and in our own lives. Pain is within all of us at some level. In this episode, Oren Matteson and Derek Bylsma talk with Rahsaan Nurullah ab

Millennium’s “Helping Ourselves” Group
March 03, 2021

As therapists, we need therapy too. In this episode, Devona Alleyne and Alexandra Bourlas discuss Millennium Counseling Centers new group called Helping Ourselves. Helping ourselves is a group mindfu

The Importance of Navigating Boundaries with Hilary Rosenberg
October 11, 2020

Navigating and understanding boundaries can be a tough conversation both internally and externally. In this podcast episode, we sit down with Millennium Primary Counselor, Hilary Rosenberg, to discuss how she navigates the topic of boundaries with her ...