World News Brief Podcast by CGM Radio

World News Brief Podcast by CGM Radio

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The Holocaust Against Israel – World News Brief Ep. 10
June 19, 2020

World News Brief Episode 10 This week on World News Brief host Winston R. Holland discusses the book The Holocaust Against Israel with its author and CGM Radio host Bob Siegel. The book is a thought-provoking and incredibly helpful overview of the hist...

Do ALL Black Lives Matter? World News Brief Special Edition
June 12, 2020

World News Brief Episode 9 Do ALL black lives matter? Today we take a deep dive into the George Floyd protests, who are the ones most hurt by the rioting, ask the troubling question if ALL black lives really matter,

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet – World News Brief Ep. 8
June 05, 2020

World News Brief Episode 8 You ain’t seen nothing yet. What we’ve seen the first part of 2020 is just the beginning of the chaos and mayhem to descend upon the US between now and election day, but there is HOPE. Plus,

Interview with Bob Siegel, New CGM Radio Host – His Story + Censorship & George Floyd – WNB Ep. 7
May 29, 2020

  World News Brief Episode 7 WNB is THRILLED to welcome San Diego Salem Radio Network host Bob Siegel to the show to discuss his brand new show right here on the CGM Radio Network. We discuss his story of conversion from atheist to Christian,

Heaven Just Got a Little Brighter – World News Brief Ep. 6
May 22, 2020

World News Brief Episode 6 Are you exhausted by Coronavirus news? Us too! So join us this week as we take a break and discuss Trump’s new DNI from the great state of Texas, the awesome news of how the USA is publicly supporting Taiwan to China’s chagri...

America First – World News Brief Ep. 5
May 15, 2020

World News Brief Episode 5 Today we discuss the current state of America given the draconian lockdown orders from many of the nation’s governors and what America First truly means. This is World News Brief, America First edition.

A House Built on Sand – WNB Ep. 4
May 08, 2020

World News Brief Episode 4 Shelley Luther is released from jail after the Texas Supreme Court overturns a fanatical Dallas Judge’s order to lock her up, Fauci and Birx exposed for basing their draconian Covid lockdown recommendations on bad science,

WHO Just Praised Sweden? UT & China, Bloated Covid Deaths, Iran & More – WNB Ep. 3
May 01, 2020

World News Brief Episode 3 The WHO praises the Swedish response to the Coronavirus after months of telling us the opposite. The University of Texas is under scrutiny for possible financial misdealings with China,

WNB EXCLUSIVE: Interview with the First Biz Owner in the Nation to Defy Lockdown Orders, Shelley Luther of Salon a la Mode
April 27, 2020

World News Brief Special Episode: Exclusive Interview WNB host Winston R. Holland is on the ground in Dallas, TX, with an exclusive interview with Shelley Luther, owner of Salon a la Mode, who was the first small business owner in the nation to defy ex...

2 Holocausts, Star Wars, & Israel Wins the 3rd Election – World News Brief Ep. 2
April 24, 2020

World News Brief Episode 2 Two holocausts remembered in one week, one of which you may not be as familiar with. Iran and China push further to making LucasFilm reality TV, and the nation of Israel finally wins the 3rd election.