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The P.C. Manifesto: 2023 Version -World News Brief Ep 91
February 03, 2023

This weeks WNB host, Bob Siegel, shares a satirical look at the different positions of the WOKE/ Politically Correct agenda, showing how each and every one of their tenets completely contradicts anot

Part 3.5 – Post Election Analysis – World News Brief Episode 90
January 28, 2023

In this episode of World News Brief, Mike Fredenburg looks in details at the very significant changes in the standing House rules that were negotiated over the 4 days and 15 votes that saw Kevin McCar

15th Time is the Charm – World News Brief Episode 89
January 09, 2023

Join Chris Graham as he overviews Kevin McCarthys odyssey to become Speaker of the House. Along with briefs of Zelinskys pep rally, the Twitterfiles and Nuclear Fusion as World News Brief kicks off

Part 3 – Post 2022 Midterm Analysis – Four Days Well Spent! – World News Brief Episode 88
January 08, 2023

In Part 3 of Mike Fredenburgs Post 2022 Midterm Analysis, the case is made that 4 days of debate and speech on the floor of the House were a much needed exercise in Democracy. Mike also shows how k

Part 2 – Post Mortem of 2022 Midterms World News Brief – Episode 87
December 22, 2022

In Part 2 of the Post Mortem analysis of the 2022 Midterms host Mike Fredenburg shows that there actually was a red wave, but that is was selectively and effectively countered in a number of key state

WNB 2022 Farewell -World News Brief Ep 86
December 17, 2022

Jim Berrier highlights some events of 2022, including the passing of several celebrities. Head over to the World News Brief Podcast Page to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app. Email World News

SCOTUS And The Freedom Of Christian Websites -World News Brief Ep 85
December 09, 2022

This weeks host, Bob Siegel, talks about a case before SCOTUS regarding a Christian website design company that refuses to build websites for gay weddings or any gay affirmation. What are the first

The 2022 Election Post Mortem Analysis Part One -World News Brief Ep 84
December 05, 2022

The first podcast of several that will be analyzing what was and what was not the reason for the highly attenuated Red Wave. Mike Fredenburg hosts. Head over to the World News Brief Podcast Page to su

Resistance is… Everything – World News Brief Ep 83
November 23, 2022

Join our host Chris Graham this week as he discusses how he has been processing the mid-term election results and shares encouragement in the midst of disappointment. Head over to the World News Brief

Warfare and Work -World News Brief Ep 82
November 06, 2022

Is the upcoming election important? Is voting enough? Is praying enough? Or do we need both? Join us for this weeks World News Brief as Jim Berrier dives into these crucial topics! Head over to the W