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Israel: Ice Cream Held Hostage -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 242
July 27, 2021

  On today’s news commentary, shared also with the subscribers of CGM Radio’s World News Brief, Bob begins by talking about Ben and Jerry’s boycott of Israel. He then examines some news back here in t

Cross Talk Ep 13 – Sen. Paul BRINGS IT to Fauci, DO NOT Give $$ to GOP, and Jim’s Studio Explodes!
July 21, 2021

On today’s edition of Cross Talk CGM Radio hosts Bob Siegel of The Bob Siegel Show, Jim Berrier of Since You Asked, and Ryan Holland of World News Brief discuss a wide range of topics including the ep

Cross Talk Ep 12 – A Counter-Communist Revolution in Cuba and a Communist Revolution in America
July 15, 2021

On today’s edition of Cross Talk CGM Radio hosts Jim Berrier of Since You Asked and Ryan Holland of World News Brief discuss a wide range of topics including the incredible counter-revolution happenin

Happy Birthday USA and CCP: The Brutal History of the CCP and its Reflections in America Today – World News Brief Ep. 59
July 08, 2021

What was the basis of independence that we just celebrated according to POTUS two and six? The Chinese Communist Party just celebrated their centennial and America’s elites echo uncomfortably familiar

The DNCCP and the Death of Superman – World News Brief Ep. 59
July 01, 2021

Is the entire Democratic party compromised by China? (and even a few Republicans?) Do the lives of black Christians in Nigeria matter and why does superman ignore the plight of Christians being slaugh

The Biden Regime Thinks You are a Domestic Terrorist – World News Brief Ep. 58
June 23, 2021

SB 1 is up in flames as Republicans hold the line to kill the anti-election security bill. Does the Biden Administration and intelligence agencies think you’re a domestic terrorist?… probably. And why did Moderna have a vaccine candidate ready to rock ...

2020: The Big Steal – 2021: The Big Reveal – World News Brief Ep. 57
June 15, 2021

John Stewart goes scorched earth about the orgins of Covid on Steven Colbert! Georgia on my mind! Even Raffensberger can’t hide the reality of fraud now. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls the new Neftali Bennet led government “Sodo...

Anthony Fauci: god of Science – World News Brief Ep. 56
June 10, 2021

Breaking… Dr. Anthony Fauci just so happens to be a god. An intersectional, inclusive, tolerant Massachusetts lawmaker calls for the destruction of Israel. Could this really actually possibly be the end of the road of Netanyahu’s primership in Israel?

The Dam is Breaking… No One Can Stop What is Coming – World News Brief Ep. 55
June 03, 2021

The dam is breaking… the walls close in on Fauci as a FOIA request by the Washington Post and Buzzfeed produces his personal emails. The election audit in Arizona rolls full steam ahead with other states looking to lunge head first into the same… what ...

The “Forever Wars” We Fight Until He Returns – World News Brief Ep. 54
May 27, 2021

Is it time for Vaxx Apartheid? USA Today thinks so, yet a prominent cardiologist says not to get the shot and a John Hopkins prof says we’ve reached herd immunity. Is Fauci finally unmasked and what is the connection with Fauci, the NIH,