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Keeping “My Peace”, with ESPN Analyst LaChina Robinson (PART 1/2) | MFM 113 RADIO SHOW WSIC 105.9FM #89

December 23, 2021

Keeping my peace with China Robinson, the award-winning ESPN Basketball Analyst, and entrepreneur is one of the most recognizable faces and voices in men and women’s basketball. LaChina Robinson sits down with Tracy Alston, and shares her journey thus far, and shares how one of the biggest mental health challenges of her lifetime, was one of the most pivotal moments in her life, thrusting her forward into the most amazing times of her journey thus far. LaChina talks further about what mental fitness means to her focus on mental health, self-care, and soul-care to remain mentally fit and perform at her peak.

LaChina Robinson is one of the most recognizable voices and faces of men and women’s basketball. 

She’s a visionary  She’s a game-changer She’s a student of the game  She is kind, thoughtful and generous  She’s an inspiration to so many She is love She is light She’s courageous She’s bold, beautiful & unique She has the ability to see what others can’t She adds value to any room she’s in Shes humble She’s driven She’s focused She’s intentional

She’s so many amazing things to so many people and I’m honored that she is going to give us her time and the opportunity to dive inside her journey, mindset, habits and heart. 

A star among stars

LaChina Robinson is an award-winning basketball analyst for ESPN having served for 12 seasons of college basketball and entering her 15th season of WNBA coverage across various networks throughout her career including ESPN, Turner, and Fox. Her work around women’s basketball as an analyst, host, and reporter spans a wide range of Collegiate and WNBA events during the regular season, NCAA Tournament, Final Four, Playoffs, Finals, and Draft coverage. In 2018 Robinson received high honors as the recipient of the Dawn Staley Excellence in Broadcasting Award, followed by the prestigious Mel Greenberg award in 2021 given annually to a member of the media or sports communications professional who has best displayed a commitment to women’s basketball and to advancing the role of the media in the women’s game. In the 30 years of the award’s existence, LaChina is only the 2nd black woman to win the award, the other was Robin Roberts in 2001. In 2020 LaChina was recognized with the Giving Gracefully Award as a nod to her work as co-founder of her own non-profit, Rising Media Stars which is a mentorship and training program for young women of color that want to start a career in sports broadcasting. Robinson has also given countless volunteer hours including current appointments to the Board of Trustees for the Women’s Sports Foundation and the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Robinson has served as the host of espnW’s podcast “Around The Rim” for 6 years, the podcast was chosen as one of the best sports podcasts of 2017 by Sports Illustrated. LaChina was a student-athlete at Wake Forest University where she achieved All-ACC recognition both in the classroom and on the court. Robinson has been inducted into two Hall of Fames in her hometown including the Inaugural Alexandria City Public School’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 2015. Since 2008 LaChina has also served as the Founder and CEO of her own consulting company ‘Stretch Beyond’. Through ‘Stretch Beyond’ LaChina serves as an NCAA-Certified facilitator and career Transition Coach for women and athletes. Robinson’s work in this space have made her a sought after personal brand developer and keynote speaker for colleges and universities including Notre Dame, Cal, Florida, Georgia Tech, Penn State, and many others.


  • There are so many reasons why I wanted to sit down and do this interview with you and so many directions that I think we can go in, but one of the things 
  • Let’s talk about LaChina Robinson and your journey….. I’ve known you since our college days and you’ve always been a competitor, a peak performer and someone who appeared to have a lot of drive and focus….take us through a little more into who LaChina is….i’m so curious when you were growing up, dreaming your dreams, did you see any of this
  • Let’s talk about when awareness kicked in for you? Was it a moment in time, a high or low point, that you realized you were on the 
  • Let’s talk about being intentional…there was a facebook post you did a while back which was so powerful… “you talked about when you go home you are intentional about spending time in places that get you back in touch with your journey, who you are at your core and where you aspire to be… about that a little more…
  • You’ve had some life changing moments throughout your career…you just covered the Olympics…anything that stands out to as one of the best moments of all time and why?
  • What does mental fitness mean to you?
  • What are some of you mental fitness practices?
  • Talk about the importance protecting your energy and space?
  • Biggest Ah-Ah moments of 2021
  • What has been one of your biggest mental challenges and how did you bounce back?
  • How does Lachina keep her peace?
  • What are your habits and why? What do you read, eat, study, listen to?
  • What’s next for LaChina
  • What message do you have for youth starting out and dreaming big?
  • What message do you have for adults still trying to figure it out and dreaming big?
  • Let’s talk about the characteristics of performing at your peak. You continue to elevate your craft. You’ve worked on all levels of sport, college, pro, Olympics. That’s a testament to you..let’s talk about this..
  • Talk about Stretch Beyond..
  • Anything you want people to know
  • How can people connect with  you
  • How do you prepare yourself for the new year and keep your focus and energy throughout the year


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