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MFM 38 RADIO SHOW WSIC 105.9FM #18: Pivot and Redefine Yourself: The Art of Turning Setbacks to Opportunity

May 07, 2020

NASCAR IS COMING BACK!!! It will be a little different for the first few times out, no fans, a little bit of a setback but a major opportunity for NASCAR as they will be the first major sport to restart the season during this pandemic. A setback but a Big opportunity NASCAR!

I truly believe we have to adopt this mentality as we are moving through these times. Even with all the setback we have so many opportunities to Pivot and redefine this moment for ourselves and for our county. Which brings me to today’s topic and amazing guest.

Today’s topic is Pivot and redefine yourself: The art of turning setbacks to opportunities.

And my guest for today is no stranger to NASCAR, the racing world or radio, I have the amazing Patrick Reynolds on with me today. From the pit to the garage area today we are going to take a look into the mind of Former NASCAR Pit crew member turned EMCEE & Radio Personality. How Patrick Reynolds turned Setback into an opportunity…