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Navigating Ecommerce Tax a Year After the Wayfair Decision
September 11, 2019

To help ecommerce sellers better understand the landscape a year-plus after the Wayfair decision, Multichannel Merchant spoke with Mark Sieczkowski, senior product manager at Vertex, in an MCM CommerceChat podcast. Sieczkowski addresses registration,

GNC Leverages Subscription Program to Build Better Customer Relationships
September 05, 2019

GNC is using its Auto-Deliver subscription service to reach customers through various channels. Here is how the subscription service is helping GNC create brand affinity.

How Tuckernuck Increases Conversion with UGC
July 08, 2019

Apparel and accessories brand Tuckernuck is increasing its conversion rates with user-generated content (UGC) as a way to share its brand as part of its email marketing and social media strategies. In this latest edition of the MCM CommerceChat podcast...

I’d Rather Be With My Dog: Giving Back in a Big Way
June 26, 2019

Dog owner apparel and accessories brand I’d Rather Be with My Dog does more than sell apparel and accessories for dog owners. It has made it a mission to give back to animal rescue organizations and animal-related causes.

South Dakota vs. Wayfair, One Year Later
June 19, 2019

One year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark decision in South Dakota vs. Wayfair forever changed the ecommerce taxation landscape in the U.S. In the latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, we talk with Mike Bernard, chief tax officer at Vertex,

OVitaminPro Personalizes the Customer Experience
June 13, 2019

For online vitamin and supplement company, OVitaminPro, it’s more than selling products that people need, it’s about being experts about those products and providing a personalized experience for customers.

How Vineyard Vines Uses Data to Become a Customer-Centric Brand
June 06, 2019

Utilizing newly revealed data has enabled Vineyard Vines to put the customer first, enabling the brand to uncover how they interact in different channels. In the latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, Vineyard Vines and CCG Analytics discuss how the apparel ...

Chico’s Sees Success with Mobile Messaging
May 16, 2019

Women's apparel brand Chico's is connecting with customers in a new way through mobile messaging, which helps the brand connect with its customers on a personal level. In the latest MCM CommerceChat podcast,

Nordstrom, the Retail Industry and Ecommerce Sales Reporting
April 29, 2019

As ecommerce takes a greater share of retail sales, the view into relative channel strength has been somewhat opaque. But Nordstrom recently began reporting ecommerce as a percentage of net sales, not just a growth percentage.

How to Foster Gender Equality in Retail
April 03, 2019

Greater gender equality and diversity are imperative in businesses today. In the latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, Nalani Brown, Implementation Project Manager for Millennial Services, LLC., talks about how gender equality is transforming the way in wh...