Mastering Business Analysis

Mastering Business Analysis

Latest Episodes

MBA206: Succeeding with Analytics
February 21, 2020

Interview with Jim Rushton

Lightning Cast: BA Goals Revisited
February 11, 2020

Building on last year's episode about BA performance goals, we discuss how to choose the right goals and achieve them.

MBA205: Beyond Data Literacy
February 04, 2020

Lori Silverman helps us get real value from data by developing core competence and creating the culture needed to support collaborative data-informed decision making.

MBA204: Top Skills for 2020
January 21, 2020

LinkedIn's list of the 15 most in-demand skills includes business analysis and a many skills that are critical to your success.

MBA203: Career Insurance
January 14, 2020

David Mantica shares ways to protect yourself from layoffs and prepare for career advancement.

Yes, Virginia, There Are BAs in Agile
December 24, 2019

Holiday Episode: In the style of the 1897 New York Sun editorial, a grown up Virginia asks if there are Business Analysts in Agile.

Lightning Cast: Failure to Launch (a new product)
December 17, 2019

Find out what you can do to ensure a successful product launch.

MBA202: Business Value Analysis
November 12, 2019

David Mantica helps overcome one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today - understanding value and building the right solution.

MBA201: Tips From an Accidental Product Owner
November 05, 2019

Richard Larson shares his experiences as an accidental Product Owner and provides tips and advice for others moving toward a role in Product Ownership.

MBA200: Take Action! The Best Advice from Over 200 Episodes
November 02, 2019

Here's the best tips and advice from industry experts in over 200 episodes. Now take action!