Mastering Business Analysis

Mastering Business Analysis

Latest Episodes

MBA214: The BA Success Path
September 09, 2020

Laura Brandenburg shares her framework for career development; the Business Analyst Success Path.

MBA213: Applying Theory of Constraints
July 28, 2020

If you want to accelerate and deliver with greater speed and flexibility that's critical to serving your customers, combine Agile with Theory of Constraints.

MBA212: Transforming Your Work with Modern Agile
July 07, 2020

Joshua Kerievsky shares the four principles of Modern Agile and how they can help you find better ways of working and achieve better business outcomes.

MBA211: Adaptive Leadership
May 19, 2020

In this time of unrelenting change, we need leadership at all levels. Here's what you need to help your team succeed.

MBA210: Vital Communication
April 14, 2020

Communication is vital to success on teams and across organizations. In this episode, Tommy Re shows us how to dramatically improve communication.

MBA209: Visual Thinking
March 31, 2020

Grant Wright Shares simple Visual Thinking tools and practices to help your team get aligned and retain information.

MBA208: Facilitative Leadership
March 19, 2020

Author Michael Levine helps us unleash the power of large, diverse groups of smart, experienced individuals to deliver positive business results.

MBA207: Bad Behaviors in the Workplace
March 04, 2020

Paul Pelletier helps us to understand the root causes of disrespectful behaviors at work and how to address them.

MBA206: Succeeding with Analytics
February 21, 2020

Interview with Jim Rushton

Lightning Cast: BA Goals Revisited
February 12, 2020

Building on last year's episode about BA performance goals, we discuss how to choose the right goals and achieve them.