Marketing Money Podcast

Marketing Money Podcast

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Episode 111 | Differentiation – Naming The Names You Know
September 17, 2020

Every business has its signature products, even within the same categories of product. Especially there, in fact. Everyone, that is, except for banks. What can we figure out that lets us stand alone in a crowd?

Episode 110 | Improvement Begins at Home
September 03, 2020

There’s never been a better time to start improving your bank, whether through the name on the front of the building or with the people working inside. Our brands will differentiate us only if they’re different from all the rest,

Episode 109 | The Levers that Move the World
August 20, 2020

Are your products missing the boat because your message is missing its market? When products aren’t made available to the customers most likely to use them, nothing positive is likely to follow. No one would intentionally separate services from sales o...

Episode 108 |Where Does the Spend Go Now?
August 06, 2020

With events suspended and sports mostly shut down, many of our standard marketing opportunities are now painfully absent. One thing that can’t take the season off, though, is marketing your brand. With all developments to date considered,

Episode 107 | The Source of All Knowledge
July 23, 2020

Inspiration for improvement isn’t likely to come from someone who’s doing the same things you and everyone else is already doing. If you draw your ideas from how other banks are marketed, you’re likely to look like every other marketed bank.

Episode 106 | Unique, Just Like Everyone Else
July 09, 2020

How do you balance the desire to stand out with the fear of making mistakes? In a market where everyone’s products are similar and every approach nearly the same, the appetite for stepping outside of the box is one that must be acquired.

Episode 105 | Brand Standards Build Better Brands
June 30, 2020

Everyone who uses your brand likely assumes they know how to use the elements, especially if there’s not a Standards Guide. But you can’t leave it up to chance. By creating an agreed-upon set of brand standard guidelines,

Episode 104 | Communication for a Better World
June 15, 2020

We all want to help our world improve, but what can we do as marketers to bring about permanent, positive change? Decisions that affect lives can’t come across as an afterthought. Our team visits with Chukwukere Ekeh,

Episode 103 | Connecting with Customers in COVID Climate
June 11, 2020

The old paradigms for connecting with new and current customers are gone. What will replace them? The needs for banking products are certainly still there, but your message has to do more for you now than ever to bring in the business.

Episode 102 | Digital Adoption and Real Relationships
May 28, 2020

When the current pandemic pressed “Fast Forward” on banking customers’ digital adoption controls, the whole world of bank marketing took a giant step into the future as well. At the same time, business banking reached back into the glory days of client...