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Myths and Misconceptions of the Cold-Calling World
October 19, 2020

Chris and Corey continue their discussion with Valerie Schlitt, CEO and founder of VSA, which began with the Market Dominance Guys’ podcast, When Operational Excellence Meets a 9-Foot Wall. Making another observation about operational excellence, Chris ..

When Operational Excellence Meets a 9-Foot Wall
October 13, 2020

Operational excellence is achieved when every member of an organization can see the flow of value to the customer and fix that flow before it breaks down. But as a manager of people, you know that this isn’t an easy goal to achieve — especially if your ..

Coaching vs. Evaluating - How Fear Impacts Performance
October 06, 2020

When we’re performing in the presence of someone we know to be more expert than we are, our performance usually suffers. In the world of sales, managers often put this pressure on salespeople, although often unwittingly. They may approach their sales re..

Scarcity, Abundance, and the Biggest Sin in Sales
October 01, 2020

The pandemic has certainly shown the general public that scarcity or abundance of productscan have an effect on people’s emotions. Scarcity increases desire — whether you desperatelyneed the product or not. Abundance decreases desire, because there’s pl..

Enslaved by Preconceptions? Shoshin Can Set You Free!
September 23, 2020

Can your prospects smell your “commission breath”? Is your eagerness to set the appointment or reach for the deal keeping you from gleaning the information you need from your conversations with prospects?There is a danger that comes with expertise. Whe...

The Theory of Constraints - Abandon or Persuade
September 16, 2020

The theory of constraints dominates the world of business, and yet it tends to be ignored by almost everybody in business for a pretty simple reason: it's politically unpalatable. The theory of constraints says your business is a system, and every system.

Marketing Language Kills Sales Conversations
September 09, 2020

How long will it take to get the meeting? You have three steps first:1. Make the list. And review that list and eliminate the dumb titles. Chris is a fan of Zoominfo.2. Write the messaging. Remember, one turn of phrase can kill the meeting. Marketing ...

Modern Sales is a Collaborative Exercise in Search.
September 02, 2020

The sales lead discernment process is similar to search results. The ones that come up on the first page are the ones you interact with. It's like a discovery call.  A discovery call's purpose isn't to say, "I'm going to buy." One of the biggest mistake..

It's the CEO's Job to Feel the Ice Rather than Harpoon the Whale
August 27, 2020

CEOs are allowed to have weird thoughts and consider odd possibilities. You need input from the market you don't have yet. This is why a CEO needs to be selling to understand what is actually happening. Their job is to feel the ice rather than just send..

The We're Set objection and why introverts make the best salespeople.
August 19, 2020

Marketing can step in and help sales overcome it.1. Beginning: listen to discovery conversations.2. Middle: look at support tickets to see the unvarnished truth.3. End: work on getting the pipeline to be seen as an asset, it belongs on the balance sh...