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EP228: Blowing the Trust: Are you working for your competitor?
May 29, 2024

In this episode of Market Dominance Guys, Chris Beall and Corey Frank dive into how sales reps can inadvertently end up working for their competitors by blowing the trust built in the discovery call.

EP227 Laughter Lost in Translation - Navigating Humor in Global Sales
May 21, 2024

You know what they say about humor in sales? It's like playing with fire. You might warm up the room or burn the whole deal down. In this episode of Market Dominance Guys, Richard Rabins, Chris Beall,

EP226: Crossing the Punchline: The Risks of Overdoing Humor in Sales
May 15, 2024

In the second part of our conversation with Richard Rabins, CEO and Co-Founder of Alpha Software, we delve into the delicate balance of using humor effectively in sales. Chris Beall shares insights on

EP225 Ricochet Your Way to Sales Success - The Power of Humor
May 08, 2024

In this episode, the guys explore the art of ricocheting your way to sales success. Chris Beall and Corey Frank are joined by Richard Rabins, the CEO of Alpha Software, to discuss the power of humor i

EP224: The Conversation Queue - Nurturing Sales Relationships for Market Dominance
May 01, 2024

Welcome to a special episode of the Market Dominance Guys podcast, where we dive deep into the power of nurturing relationships through multiple conversations over time. In a world where many salespeo

EP223: ChatGPT: Your New Data Analyst BFF Uncovers Surprising Sales Insights
April 25, 2024

In this solo episode of Market Dominance Guys, Chris Beall explores the potential of AI-powered data analysis using ChatGPT. Chris demonstrates how this cutting-edge technology can uncover valuable in

EP222: Q12024 - Top Insights on AI, Authentic Conversations, and Data-Driven Strategy
April 17, 2024

Welcome to this special Market Dominance Guys compilation episode featuring highlights from some of our most downloaded episodes in the first quarter of 2024.In these segments, Chris Beall and Corey

EP221 - Pipeline Per Rep Hour: The Ultimate Sales KPI
April 09, 2024

In this solo episode of Market Dominance Guys, Chris Beall unveils the ultimate sales KPI: pipeline dollars generated per rep hour. This metric is a game-changer for CROs, CFOs, and CEOs looking to op

EP220: Finding the zipper - helping weasels become top-performing pigs.
April 02, 2024

Corey Frank and Chris Beall are once again joined by Fred Mondragon for this final segment from their visit. In the first two episodes with Fred, the guys covered the topic of The Seductive Shadowboxi

EP219: New Grads: You're the Product, Choose Your Buyer
March 27, 2024

In this episode of Market Dominance Guys, Chris Beall and Corey Frank are joined by special guest Griffin McGowan, a recent college graduate navigating the world of sales job hunting. The trio delves