Original Science Fiction – Makeshift Stories

Original Science Fiction – Makeshift Stories

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Infinite Eyes
August 17, 2021

Olivia, a researcher interested in paranormal urban myths, flies across the country to interview an older man about his story […]

Diary of an Unintentional Extraordinary Life: 6 – The Space Tourist
August 01, 2021

After a prolonged drought, Doctor Slow-Mo successfully bids on a job for a space tourism company owner. Marooned in space […]

The Explorer Project
July 15, 2021

Bowie applies to a privately funded science project for the resources to verify the accuracy of her new climate modelling […]

The Experiologist – New Obsession
July 04, 2021

While trying to flee capture by an alien seeking revenge for their planet’s demise, the Experiologist is forced to extract […]

Augmented Afterlife
June 17, 2021

Jackson is about to inherit his only uncle’s estate on one condition. He must submit to an operation to receive […]

An Unexplained Phenomena
June 03, 2021

Ever since a mysterious childhood incident, Alison has been the nexus of unexplained phenomena. She has admitted this to no […]

The Tracer
May 17, 2021

After failing to capture a mysterious collector named Mr. Hughes, those chasing him scramble to find the man before he removes critical memories from another person.

The Perfect Home
May 03, 2021

After finding an incredible apartment with unbelievably cheap rent, Sachio realizes the home automation system does a lot more than […]

The Experiologist
April 16, 2021

Mr. Hughes, a wealthy businessman with failing health, collects experiences rather than rare objects. He receives a visit from a […]

Ken Likely, Non-fungible Encounter
April 01, 2021

While trying to prevent a popular search engine from scanning his house for their street map app Ken discovers a […]