Original Science Fiction – Makeshift Stories

Original Science Fiction – Makeshift Stories

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Incident at Lone Point
May 18, 2022

Despite not being interested in LARPing, Avery reluctantly attends a weekend event at a remote summer camp, put on by […]

The Upper Limit
May 04, 2022

In the afterma­th of a meeting, Julian wakes up aboard a spacecraft that is traveling to another star. His abductor […]

Bonus Episode Live at Calgary Expo
April 25, 2022

This bonus episode of Makeshift Stories was performed by Mitchell Tew in front of a live audience at the Calgary Expo Comics & Entertainment con on April 21, 2022. The story being read originally app

The Stand-in
April 18, 2022

A rogue android, hiding from capture in Tokyo by posing as a stand-in, begins to feel the need to develop […]

April 04, 2022

After reading his rediscovered diary Emilio, an indentured farm labourer, begins to suspect an entire year is missing from the […]

Ken Likelely, Supreme Ruler
March 17, 2022

While taking time away from a protest he and Mrs. Green started to prevent Boardwalk Estates from adopting a new […]

March 04, 2022

After a successful operation to regain her sight, Annisa starts to suspect people around her are lying. When she catches […]

The House of Veracity
February 16, 2022

After trying to upgrade his memory to compete with colleagues at work, Matteo discovers the alteration to his DNA is […]

The 5th World – Chapter 4
February 01, 2022

Lighting forces the artificial intelligence which brought Ex Caelo to the fifth world to use Opertarius as a temporary host. […]

January 15, 2022

A billionaire wants to live until the technological singularity appears so that he can upload his consciousness to it. He […]