Love Yourself First Podcast

Love Yourself First Podcast

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My Mental Breakdown to big BREAKTHROUGH
May 02, 2024

I have finally reached the moment I have been fighting for. I have been able to get myself back on track and feel like I have found my way back home emotionally and mentally. Last week was very impactful for me, and I have finally put the train back on th

Seasonal... Regret? Continuing to Progress Through The Tough Months
April 25, 2024

Today I talk about small steps to avoid seasonal regret. Email: Support this podcast:

Jump In or Over Plan? Getting Started with Fitness Program
April 05, 2024

It is very easy to overplan to the point we begin to procrastinate starting something new. I always believe in being prepared, but sometimes I find myself putting something off because it turns into this impossible task. But, there are drawbacks to jumpin

75 Hard Purpose/Starting Over/ Beating Old Mental Habits
March 29, 2024

On day 11, I chose to restart 75 hard because I knew I wasn't giving it my best. If I continued going down the path I was currently on, I wouldn't have been honest with myself when I finished the program. This is why I start over, and this is why I feel l

March Happenings and Life Update
March 04, 2024

I took a major hiatus from publishing episodes, but I am back in full swing! Lots of changes since 2023, but I am excited to share the progress. --- Support this podcast:

75Hard Program Day 1- 2/4/2023
February 07, 2023

I am documenting my journey through the 75 Hard Program, one day at a time. --- Support this podcast:

New Year, New Me, New You, New Who?
January 14, 2023

There's a lot of controversy around setting a New Year's resolution or a new goal for the new year but I'm here to tell you that if you need one to set your intentions for the year then absolutely do it! There is nothing wrong with it if that is something

Finally Found My Way Back to Myself & Law of Attraction
June 16, 2022

Since 2019- I have felt lost and like I wasn't in control of situations in my life. I have finally found my way back to feeling my most empowered self. --- Support this podcast:

Food Addiction & How Carnivore Helped Me
May 25, 2022

I want to share my experience with food addiction, and I hope it helps someone open a dialogue with their own doctor. Please know you aren't alone! --- Support this podcast:

Keto to Carnivore and Fasting: Finding What Worked for Me
May 12, 2022

I have worked really hard to find a way back to where I was the happiest with my eating. The past 6 months have been one heck of a journey and I am excited to see where I will end up. *Dr. Shawn Baker Podca