Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Latest Episodes

372: The Ties That Bind
February 02, 2024

The Art of the Impossible. We discuss the Cardassian and Klingon conflict, the juxtaposition, Curzon, many characters, other things, our ratings and final thoughts.

371: Frenemies
December 21, 2023

The Sundered. We discuss characters on the cover, the Neyel, the Tholians, responsibility, communication, connections, our ratings and final thoughts.

370: A Father Talking to His Son
November 20, 2023

Derek Tyler Attico: The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko. We discuss the framing device, the family, Academy years, early career, Curzon, filling in more details, in the Celestial Temple,, ending with

369: Kirk's Joker
November 04, 2023

John and Maria Jose Tenuto: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: The Making of the Classic Film. We discuss their Star Trek history, passion, Gene Roddenberry, a new captain, many scripts, an unsung hero,

368: Set the Stage
October 23, 2023

Making it So. We discuss his early life, theater life, leading to Picard, left out, Star Trek work, other movies, Star Trek Picard, further stories our ratings and final thoughts.

367: The Anakin Skywalker of the Series
September 15, 2023

Cast No Shadow. We discuss unpacking Valeris, Spock's small role, unpacking the conspiracy, fueling hate, Elias Vaughn's first mission, one last question, our ratings and final thoughts.

366: Helicopter Parents of the Galaxy
August 12, 2023

The Buried Age. We discuss Picard's buried age, failure, the Manroloth, the science, setting up TNG, our ratings and final thoughts.

365: A Huge Side Quest
July 01, 2023

Rebels: The Liberated. We discuss the natives, the Liberated, the past, how bad was it, our ratings and final thoughts.

364: Traditional Adventure
June 10, 2023

Dayton Ward: Somewhere to Belong. We discuss the setting, the Xaheans, storylines, mental health, writing with shows in production, the spore drive, writing advanced tech, movie night, the legacy, wha

363: Ensign Never Finds Love
May 27, 2023

Dark Matters: Shadow of Heaven. We discuss Paris and Chakotay, Janeway, Jekri, Harry's bad luck, interluding character, our ratings and final thoughts.