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Linux Game Cast

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Linux Game Cast 545: Furry Cyber Truckers
January 29, 2023

Finding out what's it like working at Valve, Freedroid comes to Steam, WINE 8.0 completes the PE conversion, Intel is working on a mystery Arc, open-source LOL, and Google unlocks the Stadia controlle

Linux Game Cast 544: Stick Your D*ck in Windows
January 22, 2023

Ubisoft enables Steam Deck support for the Division 2! 3DFX support is noped from the kernel, indie Smash Bros with Farlanders, an asset store for GODOT, and game packing made easy with GameImage.

Linux Game Cast 543: TidePod Cast
January 15, 2023

GOG disconnects from Steam! Team Fortress 2 leaks all over the place, Google enables Bluetooth on Stadia controllers, GitHub removes Mortal Kombat II source code, and hipster-pixel platforming in Lisp

Linux Game Cast 542: Post-Apocalyptic Day Care
January 08, 2023

Valve is working on HDR support for Proton! Fallout 2 goes 3D, Alienware tries to one-up the Steam Controller, and FreeCol hits 1.0!

Linux Game Cast 541: Blanket Goblin
January 01, 2023

The best Steam games of 2022! Mortal Kombat 2 source leaks, GPU sales hit 20-year low, Steam Deck exclusives, and crashing into planets at 30 FPS. All this, plus your hate mail!

Linux Game Cast 540: It’s Full of Toasters!
December 27, 2022

Intel breaks up the graphics group, Atari halts VCS production, GE-Proton gets hairy, Steam Deck OS 3.4 tears things up, and Pedro plays with an Alpakka.

Linux Game Cast 539: Pretty Princess Horsey
December 18, 2022

Valve answers questions about the future of Steam Deck, VKD3D gets a Vulkan performance bump, NVIDIA 4050 Ti rumours, home-brew cloud-gaming with qwantify, and Epic pulls the plug on Unreal Tournament

Linux Game Cast 538: Gigs and Shittles
December 11, 2022

Installing Linux on on the Playstation Classic, test driving a N64 Rocket League demake, RTX portals with Proton, and a new 2.5D fighting game with rollback netcode.

Linux Game Cast 537: It’s Got a Fk’n Scroll Wheel!
December 04, 2022

Get a Steam Deck per minute during The Game Awards! MESA adds support for RDNA 3, a 3D printable controller with a scroll wheel, openRGB vs Riots rootkit, and TF2 announces VScript.

Linux Game Cast 536: Steam Wrectangle
November 27, 2022

Steam Autumn Sale picks, Dead by Daylight experiments with Easy Anti-Cheat on Linux, the GPU market takes a nosedive, open-source tabletop simulation, and Sega CD in a browser.