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Linux Game Cast

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Valve’s Deadlock Springs A Leak
May 19, 2024

Valve's next game, Deadlock, springs a leak! PSN requirements prevent Ghost of Tsushima from being Steam Deck certified, Minecraft headed to Steam, and VR adoption is higher than expected?

Zelda64Recomp Brings Majora’s Mask To Linux
May 12, 2024

Collabora turbocharges Steam Deck updates. Humble has a Metroidvania Bundle. Custom Battlefield 4 servers are back with Warsow.

Vanguard Breaks More Than Linux Support LOL
May 05, 2024

GeForce NOW adds improved support on Steam Deck, Nintendo nukes 8,535 YUZU forks, Dr. Robotniks Ring Racers releases after five years in development, Helldivers 2 review-bombing, and Van

Nintendo DMCAs 20 Years Of Garry’s MODs
April 28, 2024

Valve closes the Advanced Access refund loophole, Notebook Check says ProtonDB sucks, Nintendo goes all DMCA on Garry's Mod, open-source Fallout 1, and Proton Experimental hides your cores.

Toss The Source To Your Witcher
April 21, 2024

Descent 3 goes open-source, Nvidia hires lead Nouveau developer, Team Fortress 2 gets a Vulkan button, 7 Days To Die exits Early Access, Witcher 3 source code leaks, and $300 chocolates from Valve.

Will Steam Embrace The Dark Side?
April 07, 2024

Them's Fightin' Herds calls it quits, Gaming with the Intel Arc A310 on Linux, Hatsune Miku invades NecroDancer, Ross Scott wants publishers to stop killing games, and will Steam ever embrace the dark

The End Of Exclusives & Battlemage GPUs Confirmed!
March 31, 2024

Exclusive deals are drying up for indie developers, Phil says "yes" to third-party stores on Xbox, Intel Battlemage spotted in the wild, and SDL3 vs. Wayland.

There’s Always Room 4 Steam Family
March 24, 2024

Steam Families gets a HUGE upgrade! Playtron is a new Linux-based OS for handheld gaming devices. Rusty NVIDIA drivers from RedHat

NVIDIA Flexes On Linux
March 17, 2024

Hot reflex action comes to Linux! Steam has a Springy sale, OBS gets a PipeWire-powered camera, Suyu Switches up emulation

AMD Cracks Down On FreeSync
March 10, 2024

Steam Decks receive a horizon button! AMD cracks down on FreeSync certification, Linux reaches 4% desktop market share