Linux Game Cast

Linux Game Cast

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Linux Game Cast 484: Yami Pedro
November 28, 2021

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II gets an open-source reimplementation! Ubuntu release a guide for gaming on Linux, Wolfire Games loses their antitrust lawsuit against Valve, and slapping a coat of HD on Ne

Linux Game Cast 483: TriceraHoff
November 21, 2021

Star Citizen enables EAC for Linux gamers, Steam adds 4K capture with PipeWire, NVIDIA open-sources their Image Scaling SDK, GTA Modders take Take-Two to court, and Streamlabs does a dumb. 

Linux Game Cast 482: The Spocker
November 14, 2021

Steam Decks get delayed by two months, DLSS on Linux with Proton Experimental, SDL goes 3D, setting up OBS, and building a Steam Deck development kit with spare parts. 

Linux Game Cast 481: The Internet Is Stupid
November 07, 2021

Valve announces official support for BattleEye on Proton! Open Morrowind gets a fancy lighting system, Steam Deck virtual conference with AMD, and celebrating 9 years of Steam on Linux. 

Linux Game Cast 480: Fail to the King
October 31, 2021

Linux gamers report more bugs! Proton adds support for CEG DRM, gaming on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2, and 26 blockchain game companies want Steam to unban NFTs.

Linux Game Cast 479: Dual Sock 4
October 24, 2021

Valve launches Steam Deck verified! Half-Life 2 gets support for Vulkan and ultrawide monitors, Xwayland adds the Nvidia bits, the future of graphics with Zig, and Google wants to license zombie Stadi

Linux Game Cast 478: Trapped in the Void
October 17, 2021

Steam bans games built on blockchain tech, Lutris adds initial support for Epic Games, HTC announces the VIVE Flow, DOOM with check boxes, and a Twitter account full of Deck pics.

Linux Game Cast 477: Vegan Sex Dungeon
October 10, 2021

Valve rips open a Steam Deck! Twitch leaks reveal an unreleased Steam competitor, Valve Jupiter benchmarks, and SCUMM celebrates 20 years of being awesome.

Linux Game Cast 476: Liquid Shame
October 03, 2021

The Steam Deck gets benched! Vermintide 2 developers share their thoughts on Proton powered EAC, Carmack unlocks the Oculus Go, Twitch is testing boosts, and Linus (not that one) prepares to Linux. 

Linux Game Cast 475: The GUI Middle
September 26, 2021

Easy Anti-Cheat AND BattlEye launch for Linux! VR enabled SteamDecks, DOTA goes Vulkan only, Nvidia fixes a leaky D3D12, and a $60 capture card that doesn't suck.