Linux Game Cast

Linux Game Cast

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Linux Game Cast 527: Big Data Mateus
September 25, 2022

Proton Experimental enables nvapi for a gang of new games, GPD announces their Steam Deck competitor, Steam introduces real-time charts, NVIDIA 40 series priced for miners, and navigating the Epic Sto

Linux Game Cast 526: Public Submarines
September 19, 2022

EVGA nopes their GPU division, Steam improves their Vulkan capture, CS:GO gets a performance bump, and fully functional DualSense haptics on Linux. 

Linux Game Cast 525: Vampire Hunter F
September 11, 2022

Valve opens Steam Deck service centers, 2K breaks Bioshock on Linux, Bethesda deploys official servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, AMD announces FSR 2.1, and the Intel Arc deathwatch continues.

Linux Game Cast 524: Fisto Roboto
September 04, 2022

SteamOS Holo sees a big jump in the latest Hardware Survey, AMD launches Ryzen 7000, Intel ARC speculation that makes sense, Half-Life 3 artwork surfaces, and a game for people who enjoy moving.

Linux Game Cast 523: Wiggle Wolf
August 28, 2022

Wii U emulator Cemu goes open-source! A new Linux handheld based on the ODROID-N2+, Valve has an abundance of Steam Decks, Denuvo wants to crack down on Switch emulation, and a new Steam Mobile App th

Linux Game Cast 522: Narch The ARCH!
August 21, 2022

Running the Nintendo Switch’s Horizon OS on Linux, W4 plans to monetize Godot, Half-Life smashes its concurrent players record, and is Win32 the only stable ABI?

Linux Game Cast 521: Diet Milk With Lime
August 14, 2022

Axiom Verge 2 exits Epic Early Access! Steam gets crazy with Joy-Cons, simplifying id Software store listings, and NVIDIA releases a bunch of files that end in h. Then Blacken Slash faces, the ChairAQ

Linux Game Cast 520: Thorbin’ Time
August 07, 2022

Proton Experimental adds initial support for HALO Infinite! Logitech announces a cloud-based gaming handheld, OBS Studio 28.0 is ready for testing, and Dennis Payne tells us about open-source game dev

Linux Game Cast 519: 3 Headaches 1 Show
July 31, 2022

All Steam Deck reservations ship by the end of this year! Cancelled open world space sim Limit Theory goes open-source, testing We Don't Go To Ravenholm on Linux, and Intel Arc Desktop GPUs are absolu

Linux Game Cast 518: Another Ornery German
July 24, 2022

Epic releases Linux binaries for Unreal Engine 5, overclocking the Intel Arc A380, Valve warns customers about overheating Steam Decks, and Heroic Games Launcher adds support for GOG Cloud Saves. Spec