Lifestyle As Medicine

Lifestyle As Medicine

Peptides, Hormones, and A Tiered Approach to Health: w/ Dr. Jason Pencek

April 21, 2023

This week we are talking with Dr. Jason Pencek. Dr. Pencek is a chiropractor and nurse practitioner. He started working in medicine as a registered nurse in 2010. He quickly realized that traditional Western medicine has failed many people. He went back to school in 2012 to study for his chiropractic doctorate. He attended National University of Health Sciences. While in school, he started training for IV therapies. The scope of practice of chiropractic medicine was too limited. He began his nurse practitioner degree at Olivet Nazarene while still attending National University of Health Sciences. He has been trained in dozens of therapies such as IV nutrients, IV chelation, platelet rich fibrin joint injections, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapies, neural therapy, ozone therapy, peri-neural therapy, stem cell therapies, and exosome therapies. He has made it his goal to improve longevity and health span in all of his patients. Today we discuss how he accomplishes this task through not only IV therapies, but through a complete health approach.

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