Lifestyle As Medicine

Lifestyle As Medicine

Behind The Camera: w/ NBC’s Cortney Hall and Matthew Rodrigues.

April 05, 2023

This week the hosts of NBC’s Chicago Today Show join me to discuss the lifestyles that support their careers. I wanted to dive into the stress and pressure that come with life on camera, and what tactics each of them use to diffuse that stress. I ask Cortney and Matt about that press, their morning routines, strategies to de-stress, and how they turn it “on” when they may not be feeling at their best. As you will hear, both have their own strategies that work for them. My favorite part of the episode is the honesty we get from both of them, proving we are have all human and each have our own struggles with nutrition, exercise, work, and life in general.

You can find Cortney, Matthew, and the show at the following:

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Check out the show Monday through Thursday at 11:45am and Fridays at 11:30am. Enjoy the episode and please rate and review!