Lifestyle As Medicine

Lifestyle As Medicine

Mind and Body: The Collective Efforts of Positive Change, w/ Jason Komosa

March 29, 2023

This week we speak to Certified Mental Coach, Jason Komosa. Years after studying Psychology + Marketing while helping a small beverage company (Vitamin Water) grow into a Goliath purchased by Coca-Cola, and forgoing a Doctoral Program in Psychology at the University of Chicago to instead help launch an internet company (Groupon), Jason found himself confused, and unfulfilled. His career success grew at an exponential rate, as he was able to rapidly complete the ‘Path-To-Happiness’ checklist he superficially created as a teenager, albeit before the age of 30. He still found myself eagerly seeking more out of life. Now, Jason is using his education and experience to help others gain the habits and perspective they need to lead the life they were meant to.

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