Lifestyle As Medicine

Lifestyle As Medicine

Blood Sugar, CGMs, and Food Combinations, w/ Austin Mcguffie

February 28, 2023

Today you will hear from the metabolism mentor, Austin Mcguffie. Austin and I discuss blood sugar, the affects of blood sugar on our metabolic health, and the benefits of using a continuous glucose monitor. I’ve been personally using a CGM for a few months now, and it has made an immediate impact on my food choices. Most would call me a healthy eater, and while that may be accurate as a general statement, I still learned a lot about what specifically affects my body and metabolism and in what way. These adjustments have helped me to make better decisions and only further improve my health. Austin and I discuss this, how to make good food and lifestyle choices without a CGM, and dive in to todays diet culture and tips to avoid the negative advice that is out there.

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