Let's Talk Wellness Now

Let's Talk Wellness Now

Episode 198: Here Is What Blue Light Does To The Body with Daniel Ebbett

December 19, 2022

Are you struggling with sleep and wondering if it is because of your devices? Wait is it affecting the level of melatonin made in the body? Why is my vision blurred when I am in the office compared to working outside? All of these are legitimate questions. Blue light causes all these issues and more.

Did you know macular eye damage can occur from too much blue light?

But what about red light? Is that good for me or not? Daniel Ebbet from Block Blue Light will sort this out for you. He even provides tips for knowing if you have glasses that are actually blocking blue light or not.

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Do not miss these highlights:

09:46 How blue light affects your sleep and your body.

14:23 Blue light isn’t actually bad. Blue light is bad in the wrong amount at the wrong time of the day or night. 

16:03 During the day, the shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy, and the higher the energy, the more damage and oxidative stress it can cause to the cells.

17:37 Bluelight during daytime raises your cortisol levels too high, and leaves them chronically elevated.

18:10 What can a full spectrum LED light bulb do? 

21:54 Getting natural light through the windows can help counteract some of the artificial light we’re getting from the environment indoors, but it’s not a direct replacement for going outside.

23:45 You can’t remove blue light completely,  what you really need during the daytime is how you can bring down the levels to what would be considered more natural.
27:01 Some key tips on how you can find a good set of glasses to provide protection.

30:00 How we can use red light to maximize our sleep and recover from health.

31:33 Even a small amount of blue light exposure at night will lower your natural melatonin by 80%.

32:06 LED light versus Incandescent light bulb and Halogen light bulbs. 

33:33 The move for energy efficiency and sustainability for the Earth completely disregarded its impact on human health and biology.

Resources Mentioned

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About our Guest:

Daniel is the founder and CEO of premier global brand for blue and artificial light-blocking products. He promotes and educates the science behind modern phenomena such as digital eye strain and poor sleep, and the connection these have with screen overuse. Through his innovative product range, he champions eye health, sleep quality, and well-being. 

He originally created his business, BlockBlueLight, as a result of a need to fix his own health issues, suffering from chronic insomnia, as well as eye strain and migraines, Daniel’s overall health and well-being were declining. He had no idea why. There were many frustrating and failed attempts to try and fix his health issues. 

Deciding to do his own research, he stumbled across how light (specifically, blue light) impacts circadian rhythms by suppressing melatonin secretion, which in turn can cause sleep issues. He also discovered how chronic exposure to artificial light during the day could also cause eye strain, migraines, and even lead to permanent eye damage. 

Daniel’s company has now become recognized as one of the most trusted international brands and leaders in blocking blue light technology. BlockBlueLight is passionate about what they do and delight in helping people live healthier lives. Their aim is to make mitigating blue light a mainstream concern and give people tools and knowledge to be able to be their best selves in today’s digital age.