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Lead From the Heart

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G. Richard Shell: How To Stand Up For Your Values At Work Without Paying A Dear Price
November 05, 2021

Longtime Wharton business and law school professor, G. Richard Shell, joins us to do double duty. It was Shell whom Wharton specifically chose to reinvent its entire MBA program curriculum, & our firs

Naomi Shragai: To Understand Your Colleague’s Irrational Behavior, You Must First Understand Your Own.
October 22, 2021

We’ve all been frustrated by people who were difficult, angry & arbitrary. And we’ve all had hard-to-please bosses not to mention work colleagues who consistently got under our skin. It’s easy to poin

Jon Levy: Why A Sense Of Belonging Is Essential To The Well Being Of People Who Work Remotely
October 08, 2021

The key benefits of working remotely are clear to all of us. Not having to commute into an office every day frees us up to get more sleep, spend more time with family & get in regular work-outs in. An

Annie Murphy Paul: The Key To Superior Performance Lies In Thinking Outside The Brain
September 24, 2021

One of the recurring themes of our podcast series is the idea that society largely believes that all human cognition occurs in our brains & ignores the emerging science which proves human intelligence

Katy Milkman: The Science Of Getting From Where You Are To Where You Are Meant To Be
September 10, 2021

Are you a manager, coach, or teacher who aims to help other people make meaningful change in their lives? Are you someone who’s currently struggling to kick-start change in your own? If you are either

Tom Gryta & Ted Mann: The Leadership Failures Of Two CEOs Who Steered GE Into Its Tragic Fall
September 03, 2021

Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently said that every leader in the world must read “Lights Out: Pride, Delusion and the Fall of General Electric.” Written by two masterful Wall Street Journal reporte

Maria Konnikova: Poker As A Guide To Life, Luck & Decision Making
May 20, 2021

All of us are seeking greater self-knowledge, & Maria Konnikova found it through poker – literally by challenging herself to become a champion of the game despite never having played it before. And she succeeded. In less than two years,

Paula Davis: Strong Teams Are The Secret To Beating Employee Burnout
May 07, 2021

“Burnout” may be one of the most talked about workplace topics these days, & for good reason. According to a recent survey of people in over 40 countries published in the Harvard Business Review, 90% of respondents said their work lives were getting wo...

Hubert Joly: The CEO Who Transformed “Best Buy” By Leading From His Heart And Mind
April 23, 2021

Hubert Joly is the former CEO of Best Buy – a large American electronics retailer – who orchestrated his company’s spectacular turnaround by changing the rules of executive management. His uncommon philosophy was to pursue a noble purpose,

Martin Lindstrom: Empathy Is The Cornerstone Of Common Sense
April 09, 2021

Time Magazine named Martin Lindstrom one of the “World’s 100 Most Influential People – and “Thinkers50” named him one of world’s top 20 business thinkers. He’s the author of 7 New York Times best-selling books including his newest,