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Lawns Across America

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REACTION: Kiss The Ground Documentary ft John Perry
June 18, 2021

Kiss the Ground is a documentary on Netflix. It really got me thinking and I wanted to have a talk with John Perry and get his thoughts as well.

Soil Compaction and pH Problems – Interview with Experts from Johnathan Green
April 09, 2021

Today we talk about how to fix heavily compacted soils and soils with pH problems. I have on experts who teach me quite a bit I didn’t know!

MySoil Test :: Interview with the guys from Predictive Nutrient Solutions
March 01, 2021

Today I interview the guys from Predictive Nutrient Solutions, makers of the MySoil Test and the Yard Mastery test and we talk about soil testing for DIYers.

Street Legal Lawn Care :: What A Paramedic Can Teach Us About Lawn Care Strategy
February 28, 2021

I interview my dad, a retired firefighter/paramedic and he teaches us the difference in street medicine, and book or hospital medicine. I then take this approach and apply it to lawn care.

Sod vs Seed – Spring Lawn Care
February 14, 2021

Today we explore sodding vs seeding as the spring time is fast approaching.

Pre Emergent for Crabgrass Strategy, Questions and Answers
February 07, 2021

Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass – I take you through the strategy and answer questions. Plus, a Lawn Shanty I wrote for you!

Thatch in St Augustine, Zoysia, Bermuda and Bluegrass and Rye | Correcting Poor Soil | LAA 36
September 11, 2020

Today we talk alot about thatch in all kinds of lawns, a well as fall brown spots, correcting poor clay midwest soil and much more!

To Seed Or No, Pre-Emergents While Seeding, Yellow St Aug, Fescue To Zoysia LAA35
August 20, 2020

In this episode of Lawns Across America Podcast: Did I say I’d never sell grass seed? Why Is the Seed Rate so low on Kentucky Bluegrass? What if I don’t want to seed? Tall Fescue switching to Zoysia Business advice for a young lawn care entrepenuer Usi...

Summer Dead Spots Appear Overnight, Managing Sprayers, Pool Burned Lawn | LAA34
July 26, 2020

My kiddie pool killed the lawn, sudden dead spots in summer, how to manage “rinsate” as a DIYer and some creeping bentgrass tips.

Dog Urine Lawn Damage, Poa Annua Strategies, Summer Weed Control + More | LAA 33 July 2020
July 18, 2020

Today I take calls from the (833) LCN-TIPS line and talk about everything from dog urine burn in lawns, to new homeowner first steps.