Lawns Across America

Lawns Across America

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Throwing 50% More Shade at This Kentucky Bluegrass Yields Interesting Result – Shade Study
July 26, 2022

This Kentucky Bluegrass can out perform conventional KBG with 50% less sunlight. I talk to the researcher.

Poa Annua Annual Bluegrass PANIC, Plus, The Regenerative Power of Lawns and Those DIYers who are OVERWHELMED
May 01, 2022

Today we talk about poa annua and how to control it in your cool season lawn as well as I pep you up on just how powerful your grass is!

Why Throw Down Early And Spotting Fake Milorganite Plus Tips
March 28, 2022

I’m all over those cool and warm season tips talking practical lawn care for the DIY enthusiast. Always positive vibes over here ya’ll!

Big Spring Q and A, Seeding, De-Thatching, Pre Emergent, all of the spring questions
March 12, 2022

Uncle Al answers all your spring questions with a cool 80s vibe, Great for listening while you mow.

Big Battery Show RYOBI is Better But Why? And What Electric Lawn Pros Like About EGO
March 02, 2022

I got some insider info at RYOBI’s field day this week and I also interview Mike from Quiet Lawns, All Electric Lawn Service and find out why he likes EGO so much.

Leveling The Lawn – A Different Approach
February 22, 2022

Leveling The Lawn – A Different Approach – this will help you sort out the methods of lawn leveling so you can take action; or not.

Agricultural Economist (and DIYer) Weighs in on Fertilizer Pricing for 2022
February 16, 2022

DIY supply and the price of fertilizer in 2022. Economist weighs in.  

Surprisingly Interesting Regenerative Sod Convo – No Panic in Lawn Care – And Diseased Crabgrass
February 03, 2022

Probably the most fun and interesting podcast I’ve done to date, I hope you enjoy

Lawn Painting Warning, Nitrogen Rates and Universities Agree With Me
January 27, 2022

Some lawn trends for 2022 are not so positive, possibly. Plus, let’s talk nitrogen pounds on the ground and how universities see it.

Lawn Care Entrepreneurs, Failed Lawn Strategies and GIE Expo Trends with Brett Goodyear
November 06, 2021

Lawn Care Entrepreneurs, Failed Lawn Strategies and GIE Expo Trends with Brett Goodyear