Lawns Across America

Lawns Across America

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Warm Season Fall Lawn Updates and What To Do After Aeration and Overseeding Cool Season Lawns
September 26, 2019

First 17 minutes warm season lawn updates on my Zoysia and St Aug based on weather patterns… after that all about aeration and overseeding after care.

Mowing Before and After Seeding | Leveling The Lawn and Seeding | Bermuda Scars LAA26
September 04, 2019

Today we talk mostly about mowing leading up to aeration and overseeding as well as when to mow after seed has grown. We also revisit the idea of leveling the lawn and can you still seed at this time? Plus, lawn preaching and relationship building.

Top Dressing and Leveling The Lawn Using Sand, Topsoil or Both? LAA 25
August 22, 2019

This week I talk all about leveling the lawn and what top dressing means to me. lAA 25, short and sweet.

When To Plant Grass Seed In Fall Time LAA24
August 08, 2019

When to plant grass seed and optimum seeding windows and times to watch for. It’s almost that time, let’s preach some lawns!

Why I Like Sod | Poa Trivialis vs Poa Annua Control Strategies for Fall LAA23
July 25, 2019

LAA23 we talk about sod and strategies for overcoming poa trivialis and poa annua this fall.  

Crabgrass Control Strategies | Heat Stress and Hot Zones | Why I Wear Long Sleeves LAA22
July 18, 2019

Today we mostly talk about crabgrass. How you got it in your lawn and why, and now how to control it based on grass type.

Quack Grass Problems | Glyphosate BurnDown Yay or Nay | Seed First Strategy Update | Grass Crowns LAA21
July 04, 2019

Today we talk about getting rid of quackgrass in the lawn, a clumping tall fescue problem that turns in to a potential lawn burn down, and we revisit the “seed first strategy” and talk about grass crowns and stiff stalks.

Lawn Brown Spots ID | Lawn Disease and Fungus Remedies and Cures | Grass on Slopes LAA20
June 28, 2019

Most about lawn fungus and disease today, Red Thread, Dollar Spot, Leaf Spot and Melting Out, Gray Leaf Spot and the dreaded Brown Patch. Plus, a Marine buys a house on a slope and we followup with Lenny from Peoria,

Nitrogen Fixers Clover, Baseball Field BackYard Foot Traffic Tips, Heavy Mower on Big Wet Lawn, Splotchy Milo App | LAA19
June 13, 2019

Lawn tips for summer including strategies to keep a nice lawn while the kids play baseball on it, splotchy Milorganite app results and the truth about nitrogen fixing plants and your soil and lawn.

LAA18 Summer Lawn Fertilizing and Irrigation, Pesticides and Signal Words
June 06, 2019

Today we start looking towards summer, getting our irrigation in line with some strategies, as well as looking at fertilizer types and amounts for summer. End by looking at pesticide signal words and what they mean and why.