Just Fly Performance Podcast

Just Fly Performance Podcast

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378: Jarod Burton on Integrating Athlete Perception and Game Speed Development
September 28, 2023

Jarod Burton goes into a topic that he touched on in the last episode: the role of perception in building game speed and athletic ability.

377: Boo Schexnayder on Elasticity, Proprioception and Motor Learning Concepts in Athletic Development
September 21, 2023

Boo Schexnayder on proprioception in complex training, reflexive leg action, pelvic and lumbar mechanics in running, and much more.

376: Joel Smith Q&A on Strength-Transfer, Rotation, and “Fascial” Concepts in Speed and Athleticism
September 14, 2023

Todays podcast features a question and answer series with Joel Smith

375: Rich Burnett and John Garrish on Reactive Strength Development in Plyometric Training
September 07, 2023

Rich Burnett and John Garrish on training reactive ability in plyometrics, double vs. single-leg reactive strength tests, and much more!

374: Chris Scott on Pushing Plyometric Limits and Understanding Adaptability in Explosive Training
August 31, 2023

Chris Scott on the results of his high drop training, single-leg drop training vs. double-leg, and the related implications, and much more.

373: DJ Murakami on Exploring the Social, Motivational and Inner Factors of Physical Training
August 24, 2023

DJ Murakami on importance of consequence and danger in activities, the difference between play and formal training, and much more.

372: Sheldon Dunlap and Jeff Howser on Oscillatory Strength Training for Speed, Strength and Power Development
August 17, 2023

Sheldon Dunlap and Jeff Howser speak extensively about the nuances of oscillatory strength training for athletics.

371: Jake Tuura on Full-Spectrum Tendon Training and Performance
August 10, 2023

Jake Tuura discusses tendon health, tendon training, connective tissue, variability, long-term developmental concepts, and more.

370: Jamie Smith (Strength Culture) on The Bio-Psycho-Social Lens in Human Performance Training
August 03, 2023

Jamie Smith talks about both the biopsychosocial and top-down/bottom-up models and how to integrate them into a training model.

369: Brady Volmering on Shattering Strength and Power Barriers with Non-Traditional Training Methods
July 27, 2023

Brady Volmering talks about his single leg depth drop practice, the recent changes he made in his programming to physically transform himself across the past year, and then how he has taken those prog