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Just Fly Performance Podcast

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387: Chris Bramah and JB Morin on Sprint Biomechanics and Advancing Injury Risk Factors
November 30, 2023

Chris Bramah and JB Morin discuss biomechanics, injury prevention, and factors influencing sprinting.

386: Sam Wuest on Elasticity, Tension-Relaxation and Keys to Athletic Longevity
November 23, 2023

Sam Wuest goes into the ideas of movement quality, elasticity, stress, breathing, therapy, and more that can help us achieve better movement capabilities, later into life.

385: Alex Lee on Hangs, Isometric Holds and Neurological Efficiency in Human Performance
November 16, 2023

Alex Lee goes into aspects of long isometric holds on a physical and mental level, and how he incorporates them in his training programs.

384: Hunter Eisenhower and Mike Sullivan on Exploring Elasticity and Athletic Force Production
November 09, 2023

Hunter Eisenhower and Mike Sullivan on key markers that highlight usable athletic force production, centering around altitude drops onto force plates.

383: Mat Boulé and Jeff Moyer on A Neurological Approach to Posture and Athletic Movement
November 02, 2023

Jeff Moyer and Mat Boul on how they assess and train clients using principles of neurological elements that can contribute to performance.

382: Tyler Yearby on Fueling Aliveness in Athletic Performance and Skill Development
October 26, 2023

In this episode, Tyler Yearby goes into important topics that cross the worlds of motor learning and coaching in general and much more!

381: Alex Effer on Force Production Strategies, Lunge Dynamics and Base of Support Concepts
October 19, 2023

Alex Effer on how humans produce force in movement, how the internal and external rotation of joints creates effective motion, and more.

380: Aaron Cantor on Exploring the Inner Game of Athleticism, Movement and Skill Development
October 12, 2023

Aaron Cantor and Joel Smith discuss the key aspects of training the inner game of movement, through an exploratory and intuitive process.

379: Clifton Harski on Athleticism and Adaptability in the Human Performance Model
October 05, 2023

Clifton Harski on how he looks at the human performance industry in light of movement + strength + conditioning, and not just the latter two.

378: Jarod Burton on Integrating Athlete Perception and Game Speed Development
September 28, 2023

Jarod Burton goes into a topic that he touched on in the last episode: the role of perception in building game speed and athletic ability.