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San Diego News Update June 7: Poway Politics, Homelessness, Archie Moore, Steve Garvey
June 07, 2023

Last night I attended the Poway City Council meeting. I have lots to talk about including Poway banning homeless encampments, the replacement of Barry Leonard, money in politics, and Life Time Fitness

San Diego News Update May 31: Debt Ceiling, Local Govt Campaign Finance, Poway, Bally Sports, Santee
May 31, 2023

Today we will be discussing the Debt Ceiling Circus in Washington DC, a new rule with local govt campaign finance that may play a huge role in future elections, the replacement for Poway Councilmember

San Diego News Update May 24: Carlsbad Gay Pride, Jim Desmond, Rancho Bernardo, Lemon Grove, Santee
May 24, 2023

We have a laundry list of topics to discuss in this John Riley Project episode. We will discuss the controversial vote in Carlsbad to ban flags, including the Gay Pride Flag. La Mesa tried this as wel

San Diego News Update May 10: La Mesa Colin Parent Conflict, KUSI Sold, Poway Term Limits
May 10, 2023

When a corporation donates to a non-profit that is run by a politician, then are they donating to a worthy cause or buying influence? Thats the question facing La Mesa vice mayor Colin Parent in La M

San Diego News Update May 4: Poway Resignation, Hwy 56, Nathan Fletcher, Escondido, Imperial Beach
May 05, 2023

Poways City Council is under fire for the possibility of violating the voters will. Now we have a Poway resignation on the city council. The Drama! Escondido has a serious problem with their parks a

San Diego News Update April 26: Poway Unified to Supreme Court, San Diego Renter Protections, EVs
April 27, 2023

Poway Unified is in the news. Again! Now a free speech case is coming before the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, politicians are trying to protect renters and protect the homeless, but their policies end u

San Diego News Update April 12: SDGE Rates, Mass Transit Problems, Water Rationing
April 13, 2023

SDGE wants to base their electricity prices on your personal income. How can they do that? Meanwhile, mass transit in CA is facing a huge fiscal cliff as ridership is way down and COVID relief money i

San Diego News Update April 5: Nathan Fletcher, Poway Unified, La Mesa Dysfunction, Rancho Bernardo Cannabis
April 05, 2023

The Good: Aztecs in March Madness. The Bad: Nathan Fletcher, homelessness, San Diego schools declining, Poway Unified schools deteriorating, La Mesa dysfunction, Rancho Bernardo residents upset over c

San Diego News Update March 29: Aztecs Padres Buzz, Nathan Fletcher, Mental Health, Homelessness
March 29, 2023

Can you feel the excitement in San Diego? Everywhere San Diegans are buzzing about the Aztecs in the Final Four and the Padres about to start their 2023 season. Now they are also buzzing about Nathan

San Diego News Update March 22: La Jolla Independence, Poway Farm Fitness, Juneteenth
March 22, 2023

Its springtime in San Diego! Were covering the La Jolla quest for independence from San Diego, the controversy in Poway of a fitness center at The Farm, and Todd Gloria declaring Juneteenth a paid h