John Riley Project

John Riley Project

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Pete Murray for Judge JRP0105
January 16, 2020

Pete Murray joined us to discuss his campaign for San Diego County Superior Court Judge.  Pete shares his diverse background as a Deputy District Attorney, Deputy Attorney General and an owner of a private law practice. 

Neil Peart Rush Tribute, San Diego News, JRP0104
January 13, 2020

We pay tribute to Neil Peart and the band Rush in this podcast episode.  Neil Peart passed away last week and we saw an outpouring of respect and sadness all over social media.  We reflect on Neil’s greatness, the

Jake LeClair, Addiction, Horse Therapy, JRP0103
January 10, 2020

Jake LeClair from Emerge Resilient visited the JRP podcast studio to discuss drug addiction and his innovative therapy connecting recovering addicts with horses. We covered many of the reasons people seek drugs and

Fernando Garcia for Congress CA53, JRP0102
January 08, 2020

Fernando Garcia joined us to discuss his candidacy for the US House of Representatives in California’s 53rd district.  Fernando is a resident of Golden Hill, a father, a green entrepreneur, and an Aztec Alum (Criminal Justice).

David Leland Aztecs Padres NFL Sports Update
January 07, 2020

David Leland is back to cover the Aztec hoops 15-0 start, #7 ranking, and predict their final record and NCAA result. We also talk Padres and NFL playoffs. It’s a New Year and David Leland is back to share his insights on the world of sports.

Kevin McNamara, Stoneridge, Farm in Poway, JRP0100
January 03, 2020

Kevin McNamara joined us to discuss the redevelopment of the Stoneridge Golf Course and his new project, The Farm in Poway.  We reviewed the home types, sizes and expected price range.  We went over infrastructure issues including water,

Nick Neild, Mindfulness, Just Bee, JRP0099
December 30, 2019

Nick Neild joined us to discuss mindfulness, meditation, cognitive behavioral science and his new book, Just Bee.  These practices help us reduce stress and make wise choices by controlling our thoughts and feelings.  It was fun to learn that we

Poway Water Crisis Part 2, Restaurants vs. Government, JRP0098
December 12, 2019

The Poway Water Crisis continues to unfold.  Since the Boil Water Advisory was lifted we explore the community’s response to help Poway restaurants get back on their feet.  Customers are tipping generously,

David Leland, Padres Trades, Aztecs Hoops, JRP0097
December 06, 2019

So much happening in San Diego Sports! David Leland is back in the JRP podcast studio to break down the recent Padres trades to acquire Grisham, Davies and Profar, plus the free agent signing of Pomeranz. (This podcast was recorded a few hours

Heart Force Science Group, Pete Neild, JRP0096
December 06, 2019

Pete Neild joined us to discuss his newest scientific innovation and his startup Heart Force Science Group.  Pete has patented a method of measuring the actual force a heart produces.  Working with a team of mathematicians,