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Attaining the Resurrection : Philippians 3:10
July 18, 2020

We have heard many times: “That I may know Him….That if by any means, I might attain to the resurrection from the dead.” Let us unpack the Scripture, relying on Wuest.  Going to the Greek does not change things; it helps us understand what was original...

Sonship Assumes Fatherhood
July 15, 2020

And obvious truth: to be a son, there has to be a father. Another obvious truth: that we are children of God at all, depends upon the love of the Father. So how did we miss this in our discussions (so many years ago) about sonship?

Time to Pray, Seriously.
July 12, 2020

As I learn more about what is going on, I see it is not just mere stupidity. It is very serious. Deception. To enslave. Please try to rouse yourself from sleep and start really praying. Pray what? Whe

What Does a Mature Son of God look like?
June 03, 2020

A Clear idea of what a mature Son of God looks like. This answers “what about eschatology?” and “What about 7M?” Quick mention of Rev 12 and I Thessalonians 5. What does a Son of God look like? Like JESUS. See Acts 10:38.

History of “The Move”
May 29, 2020

Here is a brief history of what has been called the “Sam Fife Body of Christ Move of God.” Not trying to call anyone out and not overlooking the blemishes. The point is to not replicate the mistakes made in the past.

History of the Latter Rain
May 27, 2020

Although probably many of the members of the “Sam Fife – Body of Christ- Move of God” do not know it, their doctrine and methods largely came from the Latter Rain, a movement started in North Battleford Saskatchewan in 1948.

I Will Ascend – 3 of 3
April 11, 2020

Finishing out the “There is a Fine Line Between Sonship Doctrine and The ‘I Will Ascend’ Doctrine.  Substituting ourselves for the unique, begotten Son, Jesus who is the Lord God is over the line and into the “I will ascend” doctrine.

I Will Ascend 2
April 11, 2020

Continuing our thought, we talk about thinking one is better than others simply because one has accepted the sonship message. Let’s keep the feast of unleavened bread. Let’s remember, Jesus is the firstfruits. We are in Him because of God’s grace,

I Will Ascend 1 of 3
April 09, 2020

I have always said there is a fine line between sonship doctrine and the “I will ascend” doctrine.  I thought other people said it too. In any case, let’s make that line very clear, highlighted, and noticed — so we all back away from it.

Communion on Demand
March 29, 2020

HI yall. Well, we are transitioning to be able to meet virtually, through technology. Im learning and you are too, probably. Perry Stone says revival will come through the lense of a camera. I hope i