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Jesus The Pattern Son

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I Will Ascend 1 of 3
April 09, 2020

I have always said there is a fine line between sonship doctrine and the “I will ascend” doctrine.  I thought other people said it too. In any case, let’s make that line very clear, highlighted, and noticed — so we all back away from it.

Answer to Covid-19 Hidden in Purim Story
March 12, 2020

Several things in the Purim story (Esther, Mordecai and Haman) are very prophetic. What I noticed today is that the King himself didn’t undo the bad decree, but let Esther and Mordecai head up the routing of Haman’s plans. The King, however,

Vilification or Evil Speaking – Prominent Topic for Aspiring Sons
January 02, 2020

One of John Wesley’s most famous sermons was “The Cure of Evil Speaking.”  “Evil speaking” comes from Ephesians 4: 31. Wesley translated it “vilification.” Modern Americans might say informally “speaking bad about a brother or sister in the Lord.

Wesley Gave a Good Foundation for Sonship Doctrine
December 05, 2019

If one wishes to build a tall building, and not have it fall down, then a good foundation is in order. Since John Wesley was the first person known to preach perfection, and since he had no scandals and is agreed to have been a responsible and charisma...

John Wesley Preached Perfection
November 21, 2019

John Wesley, Anglican clergyman and movement founder and ultimately founder of the Methodist traditions, did teach that perfection was possible. He is the first person, I believe, to preach such a thing. It was controversial. However,

Did YOU know that “Sons of God” shows up 7 times in Scripture?
July 18, 2019

WOW! I recently found out that ” ‘uois” the Greek work for mature sons shows up in Scripture 7 times. AMAZING. And with all the preaching I have heard on sonship doctrine, I never heard this. Have you? If you are new to sonship doctrine,

Needing a Certain Method for How to Become a Son of God
June 21, 2019

Right. So, if sons of God exist, then how do we become a son of God. Isn’t that the most vital question? Right there in Matthew 5:48, Jesus tells us. Never have I heard this preached on. Never. Never have I even heard the question asked: how?

Sonship is Real
June 11, 2019

Today we prove from the Bible that there are “sons of God” who are humans. We are looking for the Greek word for mature sons, “‘UIOS.”  This word is normally used of Jesus. A Roman adoption in which a rich father recognizes his grown son as being in bu...

Jesus the Pattern Son – an attempt to teach sonship doctrine faithfully
April 18, 2019

Today we post our first and most introductory podcast. Sonship is great news because it is an invitation to a deeper walk with God, to being saved to the uttermost. This may come as a great surprise to both camps,