Jameka Leap of Faith

Jameka Leap of Faith

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God Is Good, I Am Loved
September 23, 2019

What Travis Greene's New Song Means To Me

Season 2 Finale: The Enneagram, Why I Give Up, and The Gospel
August 26, 2019

That's a wrap, folks! Season 2, focused on the enneagram, is O-VER! To wrap it up, I discuss: what happened to those last 3 episodes I promised what the enneagram has taught me about the gospel, my flesh, and the Holy Spirit why I am on a "doing...

10: Mark- Enneagram 7, Optimism, FOMO, and Growth
August 05, 2019

Mark is a SEVEN on the Enneagram. Type 7's are known as the ENTHUSIASTIC, or ENTERTAINING, OPTIMIST In this interview, we discuss: Why Mark was against learning the enneagram Why the future can be so much more exciting than being present Mark's...

09: Charity- Enneagram 6, Abundant Thinking, Inner Committee, and Self-Advocacy
July 29, 2019

Charity is a SIX on the Enneagram. Type 6's are known as the LOYAL GUARDIAN. In this interview, we discuss: How the enneagram gave her necessary language to better advocate for herself and understand others What it's like to have an inner committee...

08: Clarke- Enneagram 5- Introverted, Serene, and Constantly Thinking
July 22, 2019

Clarke is a FIVE on the Enneagram. Type 5's are known as the OBSERVER or ANALYST. In this interview, we discuss: Type 5's "manna energy" The dire need for processing time What type 5's are trying to communicate that other types can't understand

07: Mariah- Enneagram 4, Feelings Overload, Childhood Healing, and Growth
July 15, 2019

Mariah is a FOUR on the Enneagram. Type 4's are known as the ROMANTIC INDIVIDUALIST. In this interview, we discuss: Navigating the emotional intensity and depth of Type 4's Growing up as the "Crybaby" How her writing helped with healing from her...

06: Jameka- Enneagram 3, Preoccupied, Personas, Codeswitching, and Growth
July 08, 2019

I had a hard time finding a type 3, so my friend Charity interviewed ME! I am a THREE on the Enneagram. Type 3's are known as THE PERFORMER, THE ACTOR, or THE ACHIEVER. In this interview, we discuss: How Type 3's core fear of failure stops...

05: Jessica- Enneagram 2, Growing Up Biracial, & Better Boundaries
July 01, 2019

Jessica, one of my BFFs, is a TWO on the Enneagram. Type 2's are known as the HELPFUL ADVISOR or SUPPORTER. In this interview, we discuss: How Type 2's core fear of rejection and being unwanted was elevated for her by being biracial How Daddy...

04: Monica- Enneagram 1, Inner Critic Shame, the Gifts of Perfectionists & Growth for All
June 24, 2019

Monica, my officemate, is a ONE on the Enneagram. Type 1's are known as the MORAL PERFECTIONIST. In this interview, we discuss: How we grew from forced officemates to sisters  What Monica wishes her mom and dad could have done to better...

03: Limil- Enneagram 8, Betrayal, Fear, Avoiding Feelings at All Costs, and Vulnerability
June 17, 2019

Limil, my brother-in-law, is an EIGHT on the Enneagram. Type 8's are known to be the most high energy, justice-minded, and intense numbers on the enneagram. In this interview, we discuss: Childhood wounds that forced growing up too soon What it...