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Invisible Women


March 08, 2021
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Invisible Women is celebrating International Women’s Day with the release of Episode 5. This episode is about the power of Sisterhood and women leading, supporting and empowering women and others with compassion, strategy, intelligence and bravery so everyone may benefit.

In this episode you’ll hear Pet’s story, a young woman who lived in Amsterdam during WW 2. At the behest of her mother, she couriered for the Dutch resistance, traveling into the countryside carrying documents and funds for downed Allied pilots.

Pet talks about how the women in her household and in the resistance demonstrated a parallel way to resist without male oversight. Sisterhood resisting was coupled with extreme risk, strategy, and compassion.

Episodes include war-related content that some listeners may find disturbing and/or traumatizing.

Episode Details

Podcast Episode #05
Created by: Diane Greig
Produced by: Robert Ouimet


Host and Writer: Diane Greig
Pet: Lucia Frangione
Casting Director: Eileen Barrett
Producer: Robert Ouimet
Sound engineer: Matt James

Show Notes

  • The Newgrange passage monument in County Meath, Ireland 
  • The great goddess , great mother archetype
  • Women working together as resistors
  • Pet’s story in the Dutch resistance
  • Introduced to espionage by her mother
  • First harrowing experience as a courier
  • A Dutch pilot’s tragic consequences
  • Hiding under the floorboards
  • Hiding a Jewish family in the attic
  • Getting Father out of prison
  • Quick minded and not excitable, my cover was my innocence
  • A close call on the train
  • What you need to do, you don’t talk about it
  • Mother was a role model, defiant and compassionate
  • Moving to Canada

Links and Resources

Holland’s occupation during WWII
Dutch Resistance ambushes SS officer
Dutch citizens resist Nazi occupation, 1940-1945
WWII Netherlands Escape Lines
How a Young Audrey Hepburn Helped the Dutch Resistance
Sisters in the Resistance: How Women Fought to Free France – Margaret Collins Weitz
How a Jewish teenager infiltrated a Nazi headquarters (YouTube video)
Psychological – Archetypal
In Search of The Divine Feminine with Jungian Analyst Anne Baring (Audio)
Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames (YouTube video)
The Great Mother (Wikipedia)
The Great Mother: An Analysis of the Archetype – Erich Neumann
Newgrange prehistoric monument

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