Latest Episodes

Ep. 79 – Healthcare Blockchain from a Novartis perspectives & lessons learnt
October 13, 2019

In this exciting episode we had the great pleasure of interviewing Dan Fritz and Marco Cuomo to hear about the exciting blockchain work they are doing at the pharmaceutical giant, Novartis. In this podcast you will hear about the wealth of experience t...

Ep. 78 – Legal & General’s blockchain pension reinsurance platform
October 06, 2019

On the 12th of June 2019, Legal & General launched its Pension Risk Transfer blockchain reinsurance platform called “Estua-re”. Thomas Olunloyo, CEO at the Legal & General Reinsurance Company, based out of Bermuda,

Ep. 77 – Token Economy – insights from Shermin Voshmgir
September 29, 2019

Shermin Voshmgir is Director of Cryptoeconomics Research Lab @ Vienna University of Economics and Founder of BlockchainHub which she started nearly 5 years ago. She recently published a book called the “Token Economy”. -

Ep. 76 – Insurance & DLT – a risk manager’s perspective
September 22, 2019

In June 2019, the CRO (Chief Risk Officers) Forum, published the “Insurance and distributed ledger technology – a risk manager’s perspective” white paper as a practical tool for risk managers to accelerate the accomplishment of the productive phase of ...

Ep. 75 – Commercializing Blockchain
September 15, 2019

Antony Welfare is the Managing Director of Luxoft, which is part of DXC Technology and has accumulated a wealth of experience on blockchain across industries. He recently published the book Commercializing Blockchain whose content we will be discussing...

Ep. 74 – Self Sovereign Identity – insights from Sovrin
September 08, 2019

Heather Dahl is the CEO of Sovrin, one of the leading self-sovereign identity solutions. In this podcast we discuss how identity has evolved from the offline world, to the limitations of it being online in the internet and finally to the opportunities ...

Ep. 73 – TradeLens – Supply Chain on the Blockchain
September 01, 2019

TradeLens is a digital platform that empowers businesses and authorities along the supply chain with a single, secure source of shipping data, enabling more efficient global trade. Join us and Daniel Wilson,

Ep. 72 – Hybrid Blockchain – Insights from Kadena
August 27, 2019

Are hybrid blockchains the silver bullet for enterprises wanting to operate in the blockchain world? Join us and Ben Jessel, Head of Growth at Kadena, as we discuss the merits of hybrid blockchains that take on the best of both permissioned and public ...

Ep. 71 – DLT Conceptual Framework
August 19, 2019

Defining and understanding what is blockchain is a difficult task in itself. Michel Rauchs published a white paper entitled “Distributed Ledger Technology Systems – A Conceptual Framework” whilst he was at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance.

Ep. 70 – Risk Transfer 2.0 – insights from Ryskex
August 11, 2019

Dr. Marcus Schmalbach is the CEO and co-founder of Ryskex, a provider of a blockchain-based ecosystem for alternative risk transfers and innovative insurance solutions. In this podcast we discuss Risk Transfer 2.